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Making Every Communication Count

We believe that how you communicate should never stand in the way of your goals.

Transforming People Into Results-Getting CommunicatorsMandel’s learn-by-doing training programs are designed to help business, sales and technical professionals: 

  • Craft persuasive messages
  • Engage in complex conversations with colleagues and customers
  • Communicate value in any setting, virtually or face-to-face

Global Training, Localized by Audience
Mandel delivers its services virtually and face-to-face in more than 55 countries and 15 languages worldwide. Learn more


Steve Mandel
founded Mandel Communications in 1983 to help technical professionals better present their ideas to non-technical audiences.

In the three decades since, Mandel has become one of the world’s leading providers of communication skills training for professionals of all types – including line of business managers, sales teams and even senior executives.

Mandel is founded the same year Michael Jackson's "Thriller" wins Album of the Year
Mandel Communications is incorporated just as the DVD is invented, marking the end of hard disk and VHS tape era
Ed Musselwhite joins Mandel as CEO, the same year Google is founded by two Ph.D. students from Stanford University
Mandel goes global, launching in Europe just as the Euro becomes the official currency of European Union members
Mandel expands global footprint to Asia Pacific the same year Apple introduces its revolutionary iPhone
Mandel launches virtual training programs the same year Beijing, China hosts the Summer Olympics
Mandel expands global footprint to Latin America just as the Curiosity Rover on Mars checks into Foursquare for the first time
Mandel offers global measurement services the same year The Collins Online Dictionary adds “amazeballs” as a new word
Mandel officially launches its Train-the-Trainer program the same year NASA discovers liquid flowing water on Mars

Our ValuesWe believe we’ve been able to grow – and help clients succeed – because of our commitment to these essential values. Values that we strive to bring to every interaction with each other and with our customers.

Consider this list our promise to you.

p.s. How did we come up with this list? We asked clients what they thought made us different.


Our People 

Let’s face it, the quality of a coach or trainer can make or break the training experience. That’s why we’re proud to tell you that participants consistently rank our world-class coaches and trainers among the best in the industry.

Everyone at Mandel, from support teams to Mandel’s leadership team, is “all-in” to ensure flawless execution from program design and delivery to skills reinforcement and measurement.


We’re honored to call some of the world's finest organizations our clients. We have had the privilege to serve hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies across a variety of industries.

Executive presence and impact skills: presentation, conversation, and facilitation. This is the sweet spot of what Mandel does best. I require the entire sales organization to use Mandel's communication models, tools and skills when communicating with customers, partners and with me.
- Sales Director, Fortune 500 Technology Firm

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About Mandel

Mandel Communications is a global consulting and training services firm that has helped 100,000+ professionals from more than 500 companies in 55 countries develop Moment of Truth Communication and Selling Skills.
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