Learning & Development Strategy

Our Consulting Approach

What Do You Want to Achieve?

Mandel starts each customer relationship by talking about the outcomes you want to achieve.

What does success look like from all organizational perspectives?

Our approach considers what success means to all stakeholders — you, your individual learners, managers, engagement sponsors, and funding executives or organizations.

Building Custom Solutions For Clients
We first seek to understand your business challenges and goals—and then tightly link our training and coaching programs to them in order to deliver the best results possible.


Discovery & Design
  • Identify skills needed to overcome your challenges and implement your goals
  • Ensure skills will be used back on the job
  • Enable participants to master required skills quickly
  • Identify how to measure success

Setup for Success
  • Ensure Mandel coaches and trainers are well-versed in your business 
  • Contextualize training with info about your industry, business, initiatives, goals, and participant roles and concerns

Active Learning
  • Deliver training in the format and duration that is best for you and your audience

Measurement & Reinforcement


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About Mandel
Mandel is a global communications training and consulting company. We help Fortune 1000 organizations transform their talent into remarkable communicators who inspire others and get results.
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