Storytelling Essentials

Nothing works better than a story to connect with, persuade, or inspire others to take action. The truth is, all great stories follow a few simple rules that anyone can learn, practice, and master. Learn how to craft stories that engage and motivate your colleagues and customers.

Best Practices for Excellent Virtual Presentations

The transition to virtual presentations and virtual meetings is not natural for most people. Learn how you and your teams can master the art and science of successfully engaging, motivating and even inspiring virtual audiences.

Credible Messaging: The Missing Driver of Business Performance

There’s no shortage of great ideas — what’s lacking is the ability to credibly communicate them. Discover what companies can do to more effectively transform their best ideas into profitable products and relationships.

Panel Discussions

A well-facilitated panel discussion looks like a stroll in the park to the casual observer. In reality, it takes tremendous preparation, rapid decision-making, and subtle maneuvering on the part of the facilitator.

Discover the steps you need to take to create a great panel discussion.

Business Conversations

Don’t let poor executive selling skills stunt your sales growth. Download and learn how to assess your sales team’s executive conversation readiness.

Slide Strategy

Discover Mandel’s easy-to-follow formula for creating compelling and brief slide presentations that get your message heard.

The secret to slide success: Less is more. But how much less?



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The Power of Storytelling
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How do You Use Mandel’s Approach in Your Own Day to Day Work?
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Can Soft Skills Training be a Waste of Time and Money?


Conference ROI Infographic

Your company invests a lot in its annual conference. To maximize returns, you have to offer attendees a learning experience that exceeds their expectations.

Don’t Let Everyday Innovation Get Lost in Presentation

Are the best ideas in your organization being heard?

Innovative ideas are in constant competition with other ideas and busy activities inside every business. Even the best ideas, when poorly communicated, don’t get the attention they deserve.

Early Cycle Selling Skills

Your company invests a lot in its products and services. And you want to sell them…for a profit. Yet too often B2B sales teams sell in ways that erode margins. And it starts with the very first sales conversation.

Speaking Anxiety Infographic

Does the thought of giving a presentation make your heart race and your palms sweat? You’re not alone!

The Journey to World Class Briefings: Developing Your Discussion Leaders

With your company’s reputation and revenue at stake in the Briefing Center, why risk putting a discussion leader who’s not at their best in front of your customers?

Learn how to develop your executives and subject matter experts (SMEs) into discussion leaders who can tell your brand’s story in a customer-centric way that differentiates you from the competition.

Tomorrow’s Innovation Leaders: Preparing to Design, Deliver, and Defend New Ideas

A lack of great ideas is almost NEVER the reason innovation fails. Instead, it’s how those ideas are communicated.

In this eBook, learn to strategically plan your presentation, sell decision makers on the problem (or opportunity) your idea solves, and handle tough questions with ease.