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The Mandel Blog

Go Big: Plan Your Own High-Impact Virtual SKO

Sales kickoffs (SKOs) serve many purposes, not the least of which is to motivate and inspire your customer-facing teams. A successful SKO arms your sales teams with new and refreshed skills. They leave the SKO energized to engage with customers and win upcoming opportunities.

What is SCIPAB?

Wouldn’t it be great if every message in your inbox clearly communicated, in the briefest number of words, the value and benefit to you of the content and the action you’re being asked to take? What if every communication within your company was just as effective and efficient? It can be. See how.

7 Tips for Leading Zoom Panel Discussions

Delivering panel discussions in the new virtual world comes with its share of wrinkles. Get the tips and tricks that will make your panel discussions engaging, entertaining and rich—even when they are virtual.

Why Listening Is Key to Onboarding New Hires—Especially If They’re Virtual

Knowing how a new employee listens, a.k.a, their “listening style,” is critical to helping them to contribute and quickly add value. See why it’s pivotal to add listening training as part of your onboarding program.

Welcome to the Future of Sales (Hint: It’s Virtual)

Virtual selling is business as usual today—and in the future. Find out why that’s great for your business—and how your salespeople can really set your company apart from the competition.

Listen Closely: Your Company Culture Depends On It

A strong company culture comes from listening to your employees. Most organizations are asking the right questions—but getting it wrong when it comes to listening to the answers. Find out how to make sure your company isn’t one of them.

How to deliver impactful, engaging hybrid meetings

Conducting a hybrid meeting, one where some of those attending are in the room and others are virtual, is a lot harder than many think—and it’s quickly becoming the new norm.

Focusing on a few key aspects of your delivery can help you take advantage of this new meeting mode.

Leading a Virtual Team Means Doing Things Differently

With remote jobs increasing in 71% in 2020, many leaders continue to manage remote workers as if they were managing a co-located team.

Yet, fifty three percent of leaders we surveyed at a recent webinar said that they had NOT received any training on leading a virtual team.

Are You Really Listening?

There are many reasons why we struggle with listening, and there are a lot of factors that go into the communication exchange between people.

Fortunately, there are a few simple things that all people in all roles can embrace to be better listeners.

4 Listening Tips for Improving Your Virtual Meetings

Under normal circumstances, staying present and being able to fully commit to listening is difficult. However, in this new reality of digital interaction and mental fatigue, listening has a new set of challenges.

There’s good news. We can make listening easier in our virtual meetings, improving the experience of our participants! Here are a few tips.

The Irresistible Power of Stories in Virtual Selling

What does the hit on Netflix called The Queen’s Gambit tell us about how to sell in a virtual setting? Actually, something very important.

Before we break down how this show teaches us the key to virtual selling let’s look at the backstory.

The Top Sales Skill for 2021!

Sales professionals need a mix of soft skills to be successful. While rapport building is often considered the top sales skill, listening is the most critical skill for closing sales, and building long-term client relationships.

Learn 3 crucial tips to closing sales, and why listening is the top sales skill of 2021.

Top Virtual Communication Mistakes – and How to Overcome Them in 2021!

With the beginning of the New Year, it’s the perfect time to address the virtual communication mistakes that have become common with so many of us working virtually this past year.

Here are 3 of the most common mistakes when communicating virtually, and what you can do to overcome them.

Tell a Story. Close a Deal. Even on Zoom.

A sales presentation is too important to be diminished to a sideshow in your client’s day. There are several ways to remedy this situation, but one of the most effective techniques is the use of STORIES.

Throwback: Why Appreciation Matters in Life and at Work

Gratitude. Appreciation. Recognition. It makes you feel good. This week in the US, many will pause for a day or two to give thanks and show appreciation for the things and people we care about most. It’s no secret how appreciation benefits the person getting it—but did you know it benefits the person giving it just as much?

Discover why recognition is such a powerful tool for improving relationships and wellbeing in life—and at work. Learn how to (and how NOT to) express your appreciation to others.

Tips for Communicating Effectively While Wearing a Mask

People in communities across the globe are adjusting to communicating while wearing masks. As we’re all experiencing, masks present both verbal and non-verbal communication challenges.

Given this, we’ve prepared 5 tips for effective communications while wearing a mask, and compiled several insightful articles from leading publications on additional best practices.

Five Tips From a Virtual Meeting Producer

In every virtual training workshop that Mandel delivers, we dedicate a Virtual Meeting Producer (or moderator or facilitator) to act as the Trainer’s co-pilot.

A Virtual Producer manages the meeting platform functions and mitigates any technical challenges, allowing the Trainer to focus exclusively on the learning and development of the workshop participants.

As someone who wears a virtual producer hat, here are 5 best practices to help you create engaging virtual meetings.

How to Lead Hybrid Meetings: 5 Tips for Success

In preparation for the trend towards hybrid meetings, here are 5 tips that will help your teams successfully lead meetings in which some attendees are in-person and other attendees are joining virtually.

What are the Four Listening Styles?

As part of our research into listening intelligence, we’ve detected four distinct styles (or preferences) of how people listen. These four listening styles cover what individuals pay attention to as well as what they are likely to miss in any collaboration.

Learn more about the 4 Listening Habits, and how listening impacts both the well-being and productivity of your virtual teams.

How To Develop Listening Intelligence In Your Organization

After years of research and studying the latest scientific findings, we’ve established that listening is a trainable skill which if optimized, can significantly impact business outcomes.

Mandel Launches Neuroscience-Based Listening Solution, The Listening Edge™

Mandel Communications, known globally for its presentation and conversations skills workshops, fills a major gap in the field of human communications training by announcing its new neuroscience-based, listening skills-building workshop, “The Listening Edge.”

This innovative training is bolstered with a validated, proprietary, science-based personal listening assessment that accelerates this learning and its application on the job.