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It takes significant additional skills to make productive discussions happen.

As an active member of the Dell Technologies Discussion Leader Bureau, after attending The Extraordinary Discussion Leader workshop (formerly known as The Extraordinary Presenter in the Briefing Center), you qualify to attend the advanced program entitled: Engaging Customers: Whiteboarding and Other Advanced Skills.

Getting relevant discussions going and then keeping them active, on point, and within the briefing’s time constraints can be quite a challenge, and even nerve racking work, if unprepared.

Let’s face it… most of us are more comfortable delivering linear, slide-driven presentations. In this follow-on program you’ll gain the advanced skills to flex between your prepared presentation and an interactive discussion with the customer.

Brief Overview: Engaging Customers: Whiteboarding and Other Advanced Skills

The skills developed in this one-day training include how to:

    • Plan noticeably customer-focused messages based on expressed customer needs and expectations
    • Engage the customer by whiteboarding their needs with your solution
    • Confidently address questions and concerns that “pop up” during your briefing, allowing you to demonstrate the flexibility to move in a new direction to meet the customer’s need
    • Observe the customer’s verbal and nonverbal cues, and adapt your content “in the moment” to those cues, adding valuable insights that are of particular interest to your customers
    • Listen carefully to customer comments during the briefing and respond in ways that build rapport
    • Move away from prepared slides in response to significant cues, ideas, concerns, and questions from customers
    • Ask thought-provoking questions and respond to challenges with confidence and professionalism
    • Strengthen relationships and present customized ideas and opportunities to move the sales cycle forward
Mastery of these very specific behavioral skills achieved in this program will make your conversations feel far more natural, engaging, and productive.

Who Should Attend

The workshop is designed for all levels of speakers: seasoned, new speakers, and executives. The Extraordinary Discussion Leader workshop (formerly known as The Extraordinary Presenter in the Briefing Center) is a REQUIRED prerequisite as it provides the foundational skills needed for this workshop.



By registering for these workshops, you are confirming, and consenting to the following:

  • You are an active member of the Discussion Leader Bureau.
  • You have approval from your Manager to cover the cost of speaker training and any travel that may be associated with the training.
  • Payment is due upon registration via credit card. A receipt will be supplied at time of payment.
  • You understand that if you need to reschedule or cancel, you must give 20 days notice prior to the training start date otherwise NO refund will be given and you will not be able to reschedule.
  • You understand that the training class may be cancelled prior to 15 days due to low registration. If Mandel/Dell Technologies cancels a training class due to low registration, we will contact you directly to explore alternate arrangements.

If you have any questions regarding the following courses or terms and conditions please contact Justin Guest – Email: – Phone: (518) 951-9053.

Please note, limited workshops are available. We recommend registering as early as possible to secure your registration. If the class you are interested in taking is not listed, that means that it is full. 

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