Why Mandel

Business Results

Research Shows Mandel Delivers Quantifiable Value
Based on research conducted by KnowledgeAdvisors, participants in Mandel's programs gain substantial skills and business value as a result of our training.

On-the-Job Application and Performance Improvement

  • 96% applied training within the first 6 weeks, leaving just 4% scrap—much better than the learning industry average of 45% scrap*
  • 92% feel training is a worthwhile investment in their career development
  • 81% feel confident in their communications skills after training—33% better than pre-training levels

Learners Recommend Mandel

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 79.3%, compared to a communications industry benchmark of 32%
  • 91% said Mandel training is “much better” or “somewhat better” than other training they've received
  • 83% of learners would recommend Mandel training to others

Performance Improvement Contributors Specific to Mandel

  • High-quality instructors
  • Proprietary tools and job aids such as SCIPAB® 

About This Research

KnowledgeAdvisors, a CEB Company, is the world's leading provider of analytics solutions for talent development professionals.  Metrics that Matter® is their flagship software solution for learning measurement evaluation.

In this independent study, KnowledgeAdvisors surveyed learners from around the world representing 55 companies—including 8 of the Fortune 100—to understand the long-term quantifiable benefits and business impact of Mandel's solutions.  

The top 5 learner roles among respondents were: sales, IT professionals, management, engineering, and consulting.

To learn more about this research, please contact us.


*CEB 2014 Training Effectiveness Dashboard.

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Mandel Communications is a global consulting and training services firm that has helped 100,000+ professionals from more than 500 companies in 75+ countries develop Moment of Truth Communication and Selling Skills.
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