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Virtual Training Delivery

Mandel leads the way in virtual training delivery and virtual skill development.

Being a results-getting communicator requires masterful face-to-face interaction skills and equally impressive virtual skills. 

Not only does Mandel deliver programs virtually − we train professionals to become extraordinarily effective virtual communicators. 

It takes a different set of skills to communicate virtually.
Not having the skills to communicate well with colleagues or clients, who may be thousands of miles away, can decrease productivity and lead to poor outcomes.

Mandel trains professionals to understand the important differences between virtual and face-to-face communication.

We help communicators understand how to adjust their content and delivery based on the tools they use every day − from telephone and email to web meetings, whiteboards, and tablets.

Delivery should be flexible to your needs.

Mandel is also skilled at delivering its training and coaching programs face-to-face or virtually, using telepresence and web conferencing or collaboration platforms. 

Often our clients choose a blended approach, which combines virtual and face-to-face skill-building programs into a single solution.

What's right for your organization? 

The choice of which delivery method to use should be based on your organizational objectives and constraints.

We’re happy to consult with you about which delivery methods best suit your budget, schedule, and audience needs.



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