Tomorrow's Innovation Leaders: Preparing to Design, Deliver, and Defend New Ideas
A lack of great ideas is almost NEVER the reason innovation fails. Instead, it's how those ideas are communicated. In this eBook, you'll learn:
  • How to sell decision makers on the problem (or opportunity) your idea solves
  • How to strategically plan your presentation
  • 3 things you MUST do when presenting new ideas
  • How to handle tough questions with ease — and without getting defensive!
  • Why Millennials are the key to every organization’s innovator status
  • How to assess the business impact of your communication training efforts

Become a More Credible Presenter

Do you ever feel like people don't take you or your ideas as seriously as you'd like?

The truth is what you say and  how you say it can mean the difference between being insignificant and influential. Download Mandel's new eBook and get 10 ideas to help you reduce your anxiety and boost your credibility when presenting.

The Journey to World Class Briefings: Developing Your Discussion Leaders

With your company's reputation and revenue at stake in the Briefing Center, why risk putting a discussion leader who's not at their best in front of your customers?

Discover how three technology industry leaders implemented a discussion leader engagement strategy to improve briefing outcomes. Then, review the steps you can take to start on your own path toward world-class briefings.

Learn how to develop your executives and subject matter experts (SMEs) into discussion leaders who can tell your brand's story in a customer-centric way that differentiates you from the competition.