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Return on Meeting Time: Is Your Company's Too Low?
Are you tired of mediocre meetings that waste valuable time? Download this whitepaper and get 6 ideas you can implement immediately to improve meeting productivity and dramatically increase your company's "Return on Meeting Time."

Meetings are the number one time-waster at work, according to 47% of people polled by Why? Because most meetings lack structure, overwhelm people with information, and focus too much on discussion, instead of decision-making. You can change that by giving your people a few easy-to-adapt skills and tools.

Featured Whitepaper
Credible Messaging: The Missing Driver of Business Performance
There's no shortage of great ideas — what's lacking is the ability to credibly communicate them. Discover what companies can do to more effectively transform their best ideas into profitable products and relationships.

Millennials: The Key To Unlocking Their Effectiveness
The ability of your Millennials to design, deliver, and defend their ideas is critical to future innovation, growth, and profitability. Learn what companies can do to maximize the contributions of this key group of employees.

Is Your Sales Team Prepared to Have Business Outcome Conversations with Executives?
Don’t let poor executive selling skills stunt your sales growth. Download and learn how to assess your sales team’s executive conversation readiness and why traditional sales training almost always gets it wrong.

Best Practices for Virtual Presentations
Even great face-to-face presenters can struggle when presenting online. Poor virtual communication skills undermine your credibility and impact.

Identify the skills needed to engage your audience when presenting virtually. Prevent attention spans from evaporating and ensure your message doesn’t get lost in a faceless drone.

Learn how to deliver virtual presentations that people will appreciate and remember.

Storytelling Essentials
Nothing works better than a story to connect with, persuade, or inspire others to take action. The truth is, all great stories follow a few simple rules that anyone can learn, practice, and master.

Learn how to craft stories that engage and motivate your colleagues and customers.

Best Practices to Win High-Stakes Finalist Presentations
You've made the short list of vendors and now face the do-or-die final presentation to your buyer. Is yours the winning presentation? Even a long-shot contender can become the chosen vendor when a presentation deeply resonates with the buyer.

Learn best practices for strengthening the content and delivery of your finalist presentation. Discover what it takes to edge out the competition in this "all or nothing" sales situation.

Mandel 5 + 1 Slide Strategy
Discover Mandel's easy-to-follow formula for creating compelling and brief slide presentations that get your message heard.

Too often, presentation slides turn into opportunity killers. Not only do bloated PowerPoint® presentations undermine your message, they can damage your credibility. The secret to slide success: Less is more. But how much less?

How to Use Presentation Software Effectively
You’ve seen your share of “death-by-PowerPoint” presentations – where bloated, confusing, or ugly slides hurt the message and the messenger. When used effectively, however, slides and visuals can greatly enhance your credibility and memorability as a presenter.

Download this collection of tips, dos, and don’ts from presenters and graphic designers, known for their ability to use slides and visuals effectively. Learn how to tactically use slides to connect with your audience and make your presentation memorable.

Best Practices for Using Telepresence in Customer Briefings
Customer briefings can advance a sale by connecting customers with your best and brightest subject matter experts (SMEs) and executives.

Presenter availability, however, can be a major challenge for briefing center professionals. When travel is unappealing or impossible, telepresence can help you expand your pool of presenters.

Download concrete tips and suggestions for how to use telepresence effectively to add value to the customer briefing, rather than compromise it.

Maximizing Your Positive Briefing Results
Depending on what your prospect or customer experiences during a briefing, millions in sales revenue can swing to your organization -- or to a competitor's -- in just a few hours.

Identify the essential elements needed to make your briefings uniquely positive and vividly memorable experiences for customers -- ones that propel the sales process forward and get you the results you want.

How to Make Winning Team Sales Presentations
Too often, sales teams make the costly mistake of failing to thoroughly prepare as a team, to ensure a winning outcome. Sadly, this lack of prep results in a presentation that appears disjointed and unimpressive to decision makers and influencers.

Learn how to thoughtfully plan and prepare as a team, in order to communicate a clear, cohesive, and compelling message about the value you can bring to your customer.

How to Facilitate Great Panel Discussions
A well-facilitated panel discussion looks like a stroll in the park to the casual observer. In reality, it takes tremendous preparation, keen listening skills, rapid decision-making, and subtle maneuvering on the part of the facilitator.

Discover the steps you need to take -- before, during, and after a panel discussion -- to ensure a positive outcome for you, your panel members and your audience.