Why Mandel

Consulting Approach

Training Should Help You Achieve a Strategy
Has your organization ever failed to achieve a strategy? The strategy may not have been wrong. 

More likely, a critical mass of employees wasn’t prepared or trained to execute it. 

For training to be effective, it must be linked to your organizational strategy.

That requires a consultative approach. No cookie cutting allowed.

What Strategy or Outcomes Do You Want to Achieve?
Mandel begins each customer relationship by determining the business outcome you want to achieve.

From there, we work with you to assess your organization’s current state and determine what skills are needed to achieve your strategy. We then design a training solution that is tightly aligned with your objectives.

We consider what success looks like from all organizational perspectives.

We design solutions that consider what success means to all stakeholders — you, your individual learners, managers, engagement sponsors, and funding executives or organizations.

The Mandel Engagement Model
Mandel’s Engagement Model is designed to ensure we understand your business challenges and goals – and then tightly link our training to them.


Discovery & Design
  • Identify the skills required to implement the strategy.
  • Determine how to ensure those skills are employed on the job.
  • Design a solution that will enable your training audience to master the required skills.
  • Identify how we will measure success.

Setup for Success

  • Educate Mandel coaches and trainers about your goals and critical business issues.
  • Distribute briefs that communicate to trainers key information regarding your industry, goals, initiatives, and care-abouts of the participant audience. 

Active Learning

  • Deliver the solution in the modality best for you and your audience.

Measurement & Reinforcement

  • Reinforce the learning, to ensure new skills are applied on the job.
  • Measure results to assess the impact on your organization’s success.

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