Mandel BLUEPRINT® Intellectual Property and Trademarks

The BLUEPRINT® method provides an innovative, disciplined, repeatable, step-by-step thought path that communicators can follow to quickly organize their thinking and subject matter into a powerful, highly comprehensible, “audience-centric” form. In that proprietary form—which emphasizes the listeners’ needs and perspectives—the speaker’s message will be more readily received and more easily understood by the intended audience.

Employing the BLUEPRINT system helps maximize listener comprehension, increase listener interest, and establish stronger listener “buy-in” to what is being communicated to them.

No matter how complicated, technical, or sensitive a subject might be, the BLUEPRINT® helps professionals, managers, and executives to create a unique content flow that is received by listeners as clear, credible, and compelling—particularly when the stakes are high and a lot is at stake.

The use of the BLUEPRINT enriches the full range of communications from high-stakes conversations with individuals and small groups, to all-or-nothing presentations to groups and audiences of all sizes.

Remarkably, by using the BLUEPRINT, communicators can raise the quality and results of their messaging and content to demonstrably higher levels with an amazingly small investment of their time.


The VBLUEPRINT is a complete online solution that utilizes our interactive website and includes a software program and training workshop to employ the BLUEPRINT methodology.

The downloadable software provides all the advantages of the BLUEPRINT method for use on a user’s computer screen for individual and team interactive use. The interactive website and online skills development information gives users up-to-date information about developments in the BLUEPRINT system.

Added functionalities in the VBLUEPRINT include electronic BLUEPRINT content storage and retrieval, electronic BLUEPRINT sharing, and access to in-the-moment written, video, and/or audio recorded coaching regarding best practices for use of the BLUEPRINT method at various steps.

A version of the VBLUEPRINT has the capability to be housed in a large variety of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems used by major corporate sales forces worldwide to make the BLUEPRINT an integral part of a sales force’s messaging, customer conversation, and customer presentation strategies and tactics.


The SCI-PAB mnemonic trademark is our special method for our proprietary six-section system of linking ideas, information, and data together in a specific Mandel-created sequence that immediately connects the communicator’s content with the listener’s interests, wants, and needs. The six steps are: SITUATION, COMPLICATION, IMPLICATION, POSITION, ACTION, BENEFIT®.

SCI-PAB also provides the speaker with an easy memory map of what he or she wants to say and in what sequence to ideally open that topic during important conversations and presentations.

SCI-PAB has become famous within Mandel Communications client organizations for its elegant simplicity at improving communication results in major presentations and conversations, as well as achieving highly positive and quick results in the short, but crucial hall-way conversations, voicemails, and emails that happen every day.

SCI-PAB plays an important role as a part of the larger BLUEPRINT, and it stands on its own as a quick, high-impact message creation tool.