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Become a Breakthrough Communicator™

About This Program

Gain a powerful tool for creating short messages, preparing for high-stakes conversations, and crafting presentations that break through the noise.

This workshop works particularly well as a complement to, or integral part of:

  • High-stakes kick-off meetings
  • Leadership conferences for company management
  • Interdepartmental team coordination
  • Focused sales meetings

Large Audience Face-to-Face Max Participants: 500
2.5 Hours

Why This Program
Too much communication. Emails. Voicemails. Texts. Social media.  The noise gets louder and louder. How do you make sure yours is the message that breaks through? The one that colleagues can hear and understand. That customers can relate to and take action on?

Learn To
Learn how to create communications — at any moment — that stand out and influence people to take action. 
  • Organize, and articulate clear and compelling messages either in the moment, or in advance of important conversations and presentations.
  • Apply the SCIPAB® method to streamline your most difficult communication challenges.
  • Practice behaviors essential to establishing executive presence, face-to-face or virtually.

  • Increase understanding and adoption of your ideas and recommendations.
  • Strengthen relationships with colleagues and customers.
  • Improve productivity.
  • Close more deals.

Mandel Tools
  • SCIPAB®: A method for planning, beginning, and closing successful conversations and presentations.
Instructional Approach
  • Based on learn-by-doing activities that produce skills that stick
  • Designed to bridge the gap between knowing what to do and how to do it
  • Linked to your organization’s current business issues, initiatives, and goals
  • Focused on real world performance improvement and on-the-job application
  • Enlivened by built-in practice sessions
  • Supported by expert, individualized, in-the-moment coaching

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