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The Credible Presenter™

About This Program

In just one action-packed day, reduce your presentation anxiety and transform into a credible presenter. You'll learn, apply, and practice these three essential skills:

  1. Design content that makes your audience care.
  2. Deliver your content with believable conviction.
  3. Defend your content without getting defensive.

Face-to-Face with Instructor Max Participants: 24
1 Day

Why This Program
Many people, especially early in their careers, find presenting to be so uncomfortable that they avoid it altogether — or, at best, just try to survive it. Some downplay the need to develop presentation skills at all.

The truth is, most professionals have to present important info and ideas to others nearly everyday. And while not everyone needs to be a presentation rock star, they do need to be credible if they want others to take them and their ideas seriously.

This training program builds better overall communicators: people who are able to confidently present their ideas with credibility and conviction in almost any context — virtually, in-person, or in writing.

Learn To
  • Set goals for your presentation
  • Understand and anticipate audience needs 
  • Organize content into a clear, audience-centric flow
  • Link content to audience care-abouts
  • Create a listener-focused opening to your presentation
  • Pause to gather thoughts and make a point
  • Use eye contact to connect and build trust
  • Master a balanced posture to increase confidence
  • Use gestures for emphasis
  • Create interest using vocal and facial animation
  • Embrace tough questions with confidence
  • Consistently deliver credible, results-getting business presentations.
  • Become a better overall communicator — in person, virtually, and in writing.
  • Gain an infectious self-confidence and inner strength that will enhance, both, your personal and professional credibility.

Mandel Tools
  • Analyze → Anchor → Agenda: A process for creating clear, concise, value-laden messages that target audience “care abouts” 
  • Mandel BLUEPRINT®: A framework for structuring your opening, main points, and closing
  • Anticipate → Acknowledge → Answer: A methodology for handling tough questions with confidence

Instructional Approach
  • Based on learn-by-doing activities that produce skills that stick
  • Bridges the gap between knowing what to do and how to do it
  • Focused on performance improvement 
  • Enlivened by built-in practice sessions
  • Enriched by videotaped feedback
  • Supported by structured peer-to-peer coaching, guided by Mandel facilitator

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