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Virtually Present Your Ideas at the Executive Level™

About This Program
Earn the confidence of senior-level executives by communicating with executive presence.

Master the specific techniques needed to navigate virtual meetings with executives.

Learn what it takes to successfully present and sell your ideas to the corner office — whether inside or outside your organization.

Two 2.5 Hour Sessions Plus Skill-building Labs

Why This Program
Time. Executives have too little of it. That's why they expect any virtual presentation you make to them to be crisp, clear, and credible — and focused squarely on what's important to them.

Learn To
  • Prepare content that will get through to an executive in a virtual environment
  • Organize and tell compelling executive-centered stories
  • Deliver with the presence of a person worthy of their time
  • Project composure, confidence, and credibility under pressure in virtual situations
  • Handle tough, challenging, and diverting questions
  • Interact authentically with senior executives
  • Communicate effectively with far-flung executives
  • Generate greater acceptance of your ideas and recommendations by senior executives
  • Motivate executive sponsorship and participation
  • Advocate your position or recommendations 
  • Review project or business unit progress productively
  • Report on issues that affect executive decisions in a timely manner
  • Gain higher ROI for your meeting or collaboration software

Mandel Tools
  • Presentation Planner: A tool to help you gather info about your audience and what's important to them
  • Mandel BLUEPRINT®: A framework for structuring your opening, main points, and closing
  • ARM™ (Align, Respond, Maintain): A model for handling tough questions and objections
  • Self-Coaching Worksheet: A checklist for tracking feedback − your own and others' − on your skill development
  • Virtual Presentation Skills Tips: Best practices for presenting in a virtual environment
Instructional Approach
  • Based on learn-by-doing activities that produce skills that stick
  • Designed to bridge the gap between knowing what to do and how to do it
  • Linked to your organization’s current business issues, initiatives, and goals
  • Focused on real world performance improvement and on-the-job application
  • Enlivened by built-in practice sessions
  • Supported by expert, individualized, in-the-moment coaching
  • Enriched by immediate videotaped feedback

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