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Train-the-Trainer (TTT) Certification

Master the Delivery of Mandel Training Programs

No one knows your culture better than your in-house training staff. 

Imagine the impact you could have when you combine their organizational know-how with Mandel’s content and tools?

Benefits of Train-the-Trainer Certification

Mandel's master trainers can train your in-house professional staff to deliver Mandel training programs with maximum impact. 

  • Learn to credibly use Mandel’s communication tools and techniques.
  • Drive adoption of those tools and techniques across the organization.
  • Scale training programs, while managing delivery costs.

A Six-Step Certification Process 

  1. Attend a Mandel workshop to get familiar with Mandel content.
  2. Prepare for the Train-the-trainer workshop using virtual tools.
  3. Participate in a live, face-to-face Train-the-trainer workshop.
  4. Prepare for Co-training and Master-trainer observation.
  5. Co-train two workshops.
  6. Receive certification.

Ongoing Support

Because we want you to maintain the highest quality results post-certification, we can work with you to design a support program that meets your organization’s needs. 

Support programs may include: workshop reviews, evaluation reviews, online discussions/Q&A with master trainers, and even ongoing face-to-face coaching.

Learn More Discover how TTT Certification can help you take advantage of Mandel's tools and techniques, while managing training delivery costs.

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