Why Mandel

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Mandel

 We know you have choices. Here’s why Fortune 1000 companies choose Mandel.

Problem Solvers
Before you make the decision to work with us, we conduct a thorough inquiry, applying our 30 years experience to help you determine how to pave the best path forward.
Focus on Stakeholder Success
For training to be effective it has to make everyone happy. Was it a good use of participants’ time? Did it achieve the sponsor’s objective? Did it deliver a valuable return? Our goal is to get you to say "yes" every time.
"Learn By Doing" Approach
Our learn-by-doing approach is designed to bridge the gap between knowing what to do and knowing how to do it. Tools like in-the-moment coaching, video feedback and interactive role-play result in skills that stick.
Global Reach, Local Impact
Mandel delivers culturally relevant training in 55 countries and 15 languages worldwide. While our services scale globally, our training is localized.
Highly Rated Coaches and Training
The quality of a coach or trainer can make or break the training experience. Participants in our programs consistently rank our coaches and trainers among the best in the industry.
Strength in Virtual Training
Mandel was among the first in its industry to anticipate demand for virtual training. We deliver virtually and offer training on how to effectively communicate in virtual environments.
Easy-To-Use Tools
We’re the “SCIPAB (sigh-pab) people”. SCIPAB is a foolproof method for starting successful conversations. It’s just one of Mandel’s time-tested tools that take the guesswork out of mastering your moments of truth.
No Cookie Cutting
Some challenges are universal, but we leave room for what makes your business different. We customize training using scenarios from your business, to make it highly relevant to audience needs.
Good Listeners
You deserve our undivided attention. Two ears open, always. Anything less would be offensive.
We’ll always be upfront about what is or isn’t possible and how we can help. If what you need isn’t something we excel at, we’re happy to recommend a partner – or competitor – who does.