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No longer will communication skills be an obstacle to reaching your goals. Turn your ability to communicate into a competitive advantage.

Business is a never-ending series of crucial communication “moments of truth.”

These are the moments where WHAT is said and HOW it is said can move important business activities, decisions and relationships forward … or can stop progress dead in its tracks.

Sometimes you can see these moments coming, as in a “big” presentation scheduled two weeks from now. Other times, these pivotal moments just “pop up,” as in a chance hallway encounter with an executive you’ve wanted to meet for months.

Moment of truth skill tests are everywhere.
  • One-on-one conversations
  • Small group discussions
  • Sales calls
  • Staff meetings
  • Project reviews
  • Executive financial reviews
  • Conference room discussions
  • On-stage presentations in front of hundreds or even thousands of people.

Most people don’t perform as well as they could in their moments of truth. Why?
Because they aren’t prepared to be consistently successful communicators.

How ready are you for your communication moments of truth?

Consistent communication success when it matters comes to those who work hard to become high-performance, versatile communicators—communicators who are well skilled, well prepared, well practiced, and able to think on their feet, even when the pressure gets turned up.

Do you need to master your moments? Mandel can help.

Mandel’s proven training workshops and coaching deliver Moment of Truth Readiness. They prepare business communicators to succeed in their significant communication situations—whether those situations are formal or informal, planned or spontaneous.

When you work with Mandel, you experience a practical, no-wasted-time skills building methodology that rapidly and dramatically moves business communication abilities and versatility to significantly higher levels of success.

People dramatically improve their communication skills regardless of the level at which they begin their work with Mandel: “Poor” communicators become “good,” “good” communicators become “excellent,” and “excellent” communicators become “great.”

Mandel Moment of Truth Readiness Training

Mandel’s training provides communicators with the practical self-awareness, expert coaching, and challenging skill-building practices they are required to demonstrate—on the job and under pressure:

  • Insightful communication planning techniques to assure listener understanding
  • Standout content creation and storytelling tools to engage their listener(s)
  • Executive presence delivery and interaction skills to establish credibility
  • Credibility-building energy and composure skills (whether standing, seated, at the whiteboard or virtually) to display confidence
  • The ability to show grace under pressure.

Moment of Truth Readiness Training is provided by Mandel’s expert communications trainers and coaches in small group workshops and in one-on-one executive coaching sessions.

Even the most experienced executive-level communicators acknowledge, “I wish I’d had the advantage of these Mandel skills 25 years ago.”

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