Executive Coaching

Great Communicators Make Great Leaders
The ability of your executives to effectively lead depends on how well they can communicate.

Are your executives exceptional communicators?

How well do they project their passion? Demonstrate their knowledge? Articulate their goals? Defend their position? Persuade others to their vision?

Communication Missteps Can Be Costly
Poorly worded messages, speeches and presentations can be misinterpreted or cause confusion.

Likewise, delivery of a message can miss the mark, with executives failing to display the executive presence needed to win the confidence and trust of listeners.

Damage is compounded when both content and delivery fall short.  

Few executives have mastered both.

Develop Masterful Executive Presenters
Mandel has decades of experience helping Fortune 1000 executives develop the communication skills and executive presence needed to win the trust, confidence and commitment of employees, investors, and customers.

Who Is a Candidate for Coaching?
Coaching is designed to enhance any executive’s ability to organize and present information clearly, credibly and persuasively to internal or external audiences.

  • Executives whose success depends on communicating uncommonly well
  • Executives who want to improve their skills in a minimal amount of time
  • Executives preparing for specific upcoming high-stakes presentation events (e.g., keynote, shareholder/investor conference call, media interview, etc.)


Rapid Skill Improvement 

While working with Mandel coaches, executives quickly learn how to:  

  • Organize content to maximize listeners’ interest and understanding
  • Be clear and concise in spoken communications
  • Build trust and credibility using posture, movement, gestures, vocal and facial animation, pausing, and eye contact
  • Use visual aids to enhance story flow and audience understanding
  • Interact effectively and authentically with audience members
  • Deal constructively with tough or challenging questions
  • Tailor content and delivery for different audiences
  • Connect with the audience to promote commitment and buy-in


Highly Individualized Approach
Mandel’s intense one-on-one coaching is designed to help executives more effectively conceptualize, organize and present strategic and tactical information.

  • Highly individualized and tailored to the needs of each executive
  • Learn-by-doing exercises
  • Videotaped practice sessions and analysis of strengths and weaknesses
  • Expert in-the-moment coaching and feedback

Coaching typically occurs in half-day sessions and is facilitated by only the most senior Mandel executive coaches. The number of sessions will vary based on each executive’s baseline skills and improvement goals.

Are Your Executives Ready?

Mandel has a proven track record of transforming poor executive communicators into good ones, very good ones into excellent ones, and excellent ones into truly great communicators. 

The Mandel Difference

  • Face-to-face, virtual, and blended training and coaching programs
  • Measurable results
  • Trusted by Fortune 500 companies
  • Handcrafted to match your business goals
  • Best-in-industry executive coaches and trainers
  • Globally delivered, localized by audience
  • Proven instructional design and training methods

Mandel, your choice for executive presentation skills training.
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