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Mandel Communications Launches The Breakthrough Communicator™ Online

New “Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device” Communications Skills Training Program

Capitola, CA October 4, 2017.  Mandel Communications, industry leader in communication skills training, has launched The Breakthrough Communicator Online. This web-based program enables companies to build critical thinking and speaking skills on-demand for audiences of 1000-plus employees, managers, and executives.

Based on the firm’s highly successful live training program Become a Breakthrough Communicator, this new self-paced digital offering provides an interactive communication skills training experience featuring Mandel’s proven SCIPAB® personal communications framework.

“Because of the challenges of rolling out live training to hundreds or thousands of employees, Mandel’s clients have asked for an online, on-demand version of our content that they can scale and distribute more widely and rapidly across their organizations,” according to company founder Steve Mandel. “We’re excited to bring this new program to market, as it features an industry-leading design that drives participant engagement, makes learning stick, and immediately improves on-the-job performance.”

The Breakthrough Communicator Online offers “anytime, anywhere, any device” access to training. Its collaborative, cohort-driven design, combined with “bite sized” learning elements, video practice, and peer coaching, make the learning experience hands-on, social, and engaging. These new features are particularly powerful:

  • Use of participant-created videos of their own presentations, supported by peer feedback.
  • Extensive engagement features, including cohort discussion boards, points-based scoring and completion badges, self-paced learning, and expert coaching.

“We’ve partnered with the leading online learning provider, Intrepid Learning, to ensure that The Breakthrough Communicator Online is state of the art,” said Ed Musselwhite, Mandel’s CEO.  “Our goal is to help clients prepare more of their people to think and speak effectively, to promote their ideas with impact, and to improve business results through stronger presentation, influence, and collaboration skills. The Breakthrough Communicator Online is designed to help our clients do that — faster and at scale.”

“We’re delighted to partner with Mandel to help them launch The Breakthrough Communicator Online on our platform. The program is using the best of our collaborative, cohort-driven and applied learning features to enable Mandel customers to achieve peak engagement and efficacy at scale. We couldn’t be more excited to see their new offering in action”, shares Sam Herring, CEO, Intrepid Learning.

A brief video preview to the online program is available here.

For more information, contact Heather Muir at, phone number (707-769-1681).

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