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CAPITOLA, CALIF. (PRWEB)—Vantage Partners and Mandel Communications today announced an agreement in which Vantage Partners will become the exclusive License Partner of all Mandel intellectual property, including communications skills training courses and teaching materials.
Your technical sales team members play a crucial role in today’s B2B sales process. In this Training Industry article, "Train Your Sales Engineers on These 3 Communication Tips", Mandel's Dan Luotto, shares 3 communications tips to transform your sales engineers into trusted advisors who’s customers look to for reassurance that they are making sound purchase decisions.
In this Training Industry article, “5 Mistakes Senior Leaders Make About Culture in Hybrid Workplaces" Mandel’s Heather Muir discusses some of the key challenges faced by hybrid workforces, and shows how every interaction leaders have with their people is an opportunity to build culture and community.
How can you ensure that your audience will get the very best from your executive speakers and that they’ll give off-the-chart ratings and reviews? In this Association for Talent Development (ATD) article, “5 Steps to Earning a 5-Star Review for Your Executive Presenter”, Mandel’s Heather Muir, shares five key skills to help your executive deliver a stellar session.
People are grappling with content overload. Email, social media, apps and streaming services, and even our smart speakers bombard us daily, vying for our attention. In this Training Industry article, “Tips From Top Marketers: How Training Leaders Can Build Community”, Mandel’s Heather Muir, shares how learning and development (L&D) leaders break through the noise and engage with their learners.
August 10, 2021 - In this Association for Talent Development (ATD) article, Dana Dupuis introduces the 4 Listening Styles, and explains why listening is even more important to corporate cultures when workforces are virtual and hybrid.
February 19, 2021 Listening is not only the secret to human connection in virtual meetings; it’s also the gateway to productivity. If we are truly focused on listening by connecting with what is important and to whomever is speaking, our virtual meetings will be more fruitful. The quality of listening in the meeting is often the precursor to the results. To that end, here are five key listening tips you can use to have productive virtual meetings.
February 9, 2021 If your sales teams know how buyers listen, they have the opportunity to alter the way they present and communicate their message. Neuroscience may not be the first place you’d consider when looking to improve your sales team’s close ratio, but one golden nugget uncovered through neuroscience research categorizes the vast ways everyone listens into four distinct preferences. Once you learn the unique characteristics of these four listening styles, it will be clear how neuroscience can teach your sales team that improving their listening will ultimately improve their revenue numbers.