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CAPITOLA, CA—Mandel Communications, known globally for its in-person, virtual, and online communication skills training, hones its hybrid training workshops to provide the optimal experience for its customers who require simultaneous face-to-face and virtual training flexibility.
August 10, 2021 - In this Association for Talent Development (ATD) article, Dana Dupuis introduces the 4 Listening Styles, and explains why listening is even more important to corporate cultures when workforces are virtual and hybrid.
February 19, 2021 Listening is not only the secret to human connection in virtual meetings; it’s also the gateway to productivity. If we are truly focused on listening by connecting with what is important and to whomever is speaking, our virtual meetings will be more fruitful. The quality of listening in the meeting is often the precursor to the results. To that end, here are five key listening tips you can use to have productive virtual meetings.
February 9, 2021 If your sales teams know how buyers listen, they have the opportunity to alter the way they present and communicate their message. Neuroscience may not be the first place you’d consider when looking to improve your sales team’s close ratio, but one golden nugget uncovered through neuroscience research categorizes the vast ways everyone listens into four distinct preferences. Once you learn the unique characteristics of these four listening styles, it will be clear how neuroscience can teach your sales team that improving their listening will ultimately improve their revenue numbers.
October 22, 2020 - How do you start developing the listening skills of your sales team? The first step is building recognition that listening is a significant influencer on deal closure. Even a rock-solid product pitch risks falling on deaf ears when a customer senses a sales representative is not listening enough to understand his or her need. How can we teach better listening skills to our teams in order to harness the power of listening? This article features 3 tips to share with your team.
Sep 16, 2020 Listening is as distinctive as our personality, and a new area of brain science research tells us that listening is a key learning style. In the work environment, much learning happens through conversation and collaboration among team members, colleagues and/or mentors. The new development around listening intelligence explains why 10 employees can leave a new hire training experience with 10 different impressions of what the facilitator covered.
Jul 22, 2020 CAPITOLA, CA—Mandel Communications, known globally for its presentation and conversations skills workshops, fills a major gap in the field of human communications training by announcing its new neuroscience-based, listening skills-building workshop, “The Listening Edge.” This innovative training is bolstered with a validated, proprietary, science-based personal listening assessment that accelerates this learning and its application on the job.