Landing Page – Mandel Communications Appoints Workforce Readiness Expert to Executive Team

Capitola, CA October 31, 2017.  Mandel Communications, industry leader in communication skills training, announced the appointment of Kate Day as Executive Director, Strategic Implementation Services.

“Kate ‘gets it’ deeply about our customers’ changing world.  She is an expert on how to implement digital solutions at this exact time when Mandel is launching new online and mobile solutions, most recently with The Breakthrough Communicator™  ONLINE.” Ed Musselwhite, CEO.

Kate brings to Mandel over 25 years of international management experience in sales, IT, and operations with Fortune 500 companies. At Cisco, and most recently at MetLife, Kate was a Mandel customer, having partnered with them to implement onboarding, sales enablement, new hire, and change management programs.

Her expertise focuses on ensuring that organizations have the requisite talent and skills to be “business-ready” and achieve their strategic initiatives.

In her new role as Executive Director of Strategic Implementation Services, Kate will work with enterprise clients to help them architect and implement their workforce development strategies using Mandel services.

As a global thought leader in workforce technologies, Kate has received numerous industry awards, including the 2017 CLO Learning Elite Award.

“As a 15-year customer of Mandel Communications across two Fortune 500 companies and 24 countries, I’m thrilled and honored to be part of this amazing organization.  Mandel now offers thinking and communications programs, with mobile access via a digital experience platform, that will enable customers to scale, be business-ready across their organizations, and successfully achieve their most vital initiatives.” Kate Day.

“The discussion about training needs to shift rapidly to digital transformation.  Technology is now the centerpiece for driving the employee experience at work.” Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer, Brandon Hall Group 2017.  Mandel is strongly positioned to help clients with this transformation.

A frequent guest speaker at industry events, you may learn more about Kate, and connect with her via LinkedIn:

About Mandel Communications

With a global presence, Mandel helps organizations get business-ready by transforming and scaling their ability of organizational teams to communicate.

To drive key business initiatives, organizations need people at all levels with the communication skills to present, influence and collaborate – the three essentials – in every conversation, meeting, customer interface, and team project.

Communication is essential to driving change management initiatives and business transformation. That’s even more true today in a rapidly changing digital environment.

Each Mandel solution is tailored to a client’s particular business objectives, plus aligned to the client’s key performance indicators.

Measureable, global, and scalable, Mandel training is available across all modalities – live, virtual, and digital.

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