Voice of the Customer

Mandel recently sat down for a conversation with Brian Falvey, Director, Public Sector Channel Sales & Strategic Programs at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise to hear frank answers to seven important questions.

  • How do Mandel's skills & method help you drive sales results?
    1min 4sec
  • Can't Soft Skills Training Sometimes Be a Waste of Time and Money?
    1min 19sec
  • How do you calculate the ROI on your investment in Mandel's solutions?
    1min 23sec
  • Who in your organization benefits the most from Mandel's approach?
    1min 47sec
  • How do you use Mandel's approach in your own personal day to day work?
    1min 4sec
  • How do sales managers use the Mandel method to improve performance of the teams?
  • What's special or different about your experience working with Mandel as a company?
    1min 13sec
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