Millennials: The Key To Unlocking Their Effectiveness

Millennials: The Key To Unlocking Their Effectiveness

The ability of your Millennials to design, deliver, and defend their ideas is critical to future innovation, growth, and profitability. 

Here’s the challenge: 41% of Millennials prefer to communicate electronically at work, rather than face-to-face or by telephone.

Why is that a problem? They may lack the competence and confidence needed to successfully present their ideas face-to-face, inside and outside of the organization.

You can fix that….

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  • 3 traits that may hinder Millennials’ ability to get their best ideas heard and adopted
  • 3 ways Millennials can make unique and positive contributions to your business, when given the right skills and opportunity
  • How you can help your Millennial employees transform their best ideas into profitable products and relationships