Reinforcement & Measurement



You’ve seen it right? You engage an outside partner to enhance your teams’ skills in a given area. Learners attend workshops over the course of a day or two, take a bunch of notes, participate in exercises, and then return to their task-overloaded jobs.

At Mandel, we are fully committed to helping your teams move beyond the promise of training and development and into tangible, visible and measurable value creation.

Our goal and focus in on taking already sticky skills learned in our workshops and coaching sessions and ensuring they stick long term. We aim to help your employees turn new concepts into lifelong habits that will make a real impact on your organization. To get there, we offer job aid driven reinforcement.

Mandel Reinforcement Toolkits and Services

We offer a variety of custom tools and services, tailored to our clients’ budgets, timetables and learner preferences:

  • Action Planning Sessions (practical plan for applying new skills on the job)
  • Manager Evaluation Programs (support to assess/coach employees on use of new skills)
  • Individual Job Aids (electronic and paper)
  • Post-workshop Self-assessments, Quizzes, Reminder Emails
  • Custom Learning Microsites
  • Follow-up Workshops and Practice Sessions (face-to-face and/or virtual)
  • Self-development Planning
  • Hosted Discussion Forums
  • Dynamic Learning Tools (electronic Blueprint, SCI-PAB prompt and videos)
  • One-on-one and Group Follow-up Coaching
  • Access to our Mobile AI-Driven Coaching App
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Training is an investment. And at Mandel, we are determined to maximize ROI and ensure continued and measurable success.

To us, an effective training engagement needs to be tied directly to an effective measurement strategy — one designed to help you understand how the training is working, and what needs to be done to make it work better. Plus, determine what organizational support is needed to ensure participants can apply new skills to achieve your business goals.

Our measurement strategy
leverages the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model
a 4-Level Assessment for Learning.

  • Assess participants’ satisfaction with program
  • Catalog how participants predict they’ll use what they’ve learned on the job
  • Evaluate what participants think may prevent them from using new skills
  • Review and reinforce what participants have learned
  • Assess how they recall and apply the training on the job
  • Identify best practive use of new skills on the job
  • Share best practice, even among employees who did not participate in training
  • Identify barriers to using new skills on the job and how to remove barriers to improve training’s impact on business outcomes
  • Mandel collaborates with specialized measurement and analytics providers to deliver learning assessments.



While communication training engagements often looked at as ‘soft-skill’ development, our clients have parlayed these new skills into hard dollars and measurable outcomes. Here are just a few:

A leading global oil & gas company reported that a 26-year-old employee who took part in our training solution, asked for a $20 million dollar project approval, and got it.

MASCO improved equity performance significantly over the past four years $20/share to $40/share.

We partnered with BMC Software to develop their executive briefing program and it was later awarded Briefing Program of the Year.

Read more about our client successes.

“We wanted to transform how we communitcate with our customers, with Wall Srreet and with each other. Mandel upped our game and got us there.”

– Keith Allman, President & CEO, Masco Corporation


We help organization recognize that the contributions of people’s daily thinking, conversations and presentations can make a measurable impact on individual careers and company success. As proven experts in the science of communication in today’s complex world, our learners make every communication count.