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Customer Insight
How BMC Software Arms Its Sales Team for More Profitable Selling

The Margin Erosion Problem
The Surprising Key to Improving Your Sales Margins…by 8.7%

Winning the Battle for Sales Margin
How to Stop Your Sales Reps From Giving Away Your Profit Margins

Briefing Center: “Secret Sauce”
Karen Bintz of BMC Software explains why the Mandel Blueprint® model is key to creating a successful briefing organization.

Introduction to Presentation Skills
Learn why presentation skills training could be the highest-returning investent you’ll ever make in your professional development.

Three Principles to Win Executive Approval
You’re giving a presentation, and someone challenges your idea or your credibility. Don’t get defensive—that just makes things worse. Instead, apply these three simple rules to maintain control and convey confidence.

Three Keys to Influencing Others
It’s not easy to convince other people to embrace your ideas. To boost your chances of success, present your ideas in simple, clear language. Show how your listener will benefit from your ideas. And act natural while making your pitch.

The Five Deadly Customer Interface Fails Webcast
Where in the sales cycle are communication failures costing you? Every interaction your sales reps have with a customer, from initial contact to closing, is a moment of truth. An inability to communicate well at any of these critical moments puts your pipeline at risk.

The Voice of the C-Suite Customer In Appreciation of Mandel
Jason Andrew of BMC Software, Inc., in conversation with Ed Musselwhite of Mandel Communications, discusses: 1) the importance of BMC’s award-winning Customer Executive Briefing Program to sales expansion and to bottom-line performance and 2) how that success has been amplified for BMC by partnering with Mandel to train all of BMC’s briefing center presenters and facilitators.

The Real Cost of Not Being Heard
Brad Holst reveals where in the sales cycle communication failures are costing you revenue potential.

The Power of Storytelling
In this video, Brad Holst relates the power of storytelling in engaging audiences and sales prospects. He also covers some of the misconceptions about story telling and the difference between references cases and stories. Most importantly, Brad reminds us there are classic, time testing structures for story telling even when you have just a few minutes in front of someone.

Mandel's 5+1 Slide Strategy
Brad Holst reminds us why too often slide-based presentations are audience and opportunity killers. He then provides insight into what works when selling to executives with a presentation including an outline of the 5+1 slide strategy.

Succeeding in Virtual Presentations
Brad Holst relates the challenges and breakthroughs in presenting virtually across continents and cultures. He also outlines the key steps to overcoming the physical disconnect that is part and parcel of presenting your story virtually.

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Featured video:
Customer Insight
How BMC Software Arms Its Sales Team for More Profitable Selling

Introduction to Presentation Skills

Three Principles to Win Executive Approval

Three Keys to Influencing Others

The Voice of the C-Suite Customer In Appreciation of Mandel
Jason Andrew of BMC Software, Inc.

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