Customer Testimonials

  • How BMC Software Arms Its Sales Team for More Profitable Selling
  • Briefing Center: Secret Sauce
  • Voice of the Customer: How do Mandel's skills & method help you drive sales results?
  • Voice of the Customer: Can't Soft Skills Training Sometimes Be a Waste of Time and Money?
  • Voice of the Customer: How do you calculate the ROI on your investment in Mandel's solutions?
  • Voice of the Customer: Who in your organization benefits the most from Mandel's approach?
  • Voice of the Customer: How do you use Mandel's approach in your own personal day to day work?
  • Voice of the Customer: How do sales managers use the Mandel method to improve performance of the teams?
  • Voice of the Customer: What's special or different about your experience working with Mandel as a company?
  • The Voice of the C-Suite Customer In Appreciation of Mandel

Harvard ManageMentor®

  • Introduction to Presentation Skills
  • Three Principles to Win Executive Approval
  • Three Keys to Influencing Others
  • How to React Non-Defensively
  • The Power of Storytelling
  • Mandel's 5+1 Slide Strategy
  • Succeeding in Virtual Presentations


  • The Orai App - Favorite Features with Paritosh Gupta
  • The Orai App - Practice Makes Perfect with Danish Dhamani
  • The Orai App - An Interview with Danish Dhamani and Paritosh Gupta
  • The Orai App - About the App with Kate Day, Danish Dhamani, and Paritosh Gupta
  • The Breakthrough Communicator and The Orai App - An Interview with Kate Day

Mandel Insights

  • Mandel Launches The Breakthrough CommunicatorTM Online.
  • The Margin Erosion Problem
  • Winning the Battle for Sales Margin
  • The Real Cost of Not Being Heard


  • Don't Let Good Ideas Get "Lost in Presentation"
  • The Five Deadly Customer Interface Fails Webcast