Preparing for T3

The Extraordinary Presenter Client Trainer Leader’s Guide will be your constant companion through the certification process. As the name implies, it was written for trainers from Mandel’s client companies who hope to be certified to deliver the workshop within their organizations.

Most of the content in the Leader’s Guide applies to Mandel trainers as well, with a few exceptions, including:

  • In the Welcome letter, imagine we’re addressing you, a potential Mandel trainer.
  • Whenever mentioned, ignore references to “your learning and development organization”.
  • Talk with your Mandel master trainer about how to introduce Mandel Communications in Unit One.
  • Talk with your Mandel master trainer or Naomi Blanco for details about the Mandel workshop evaluations, the Orai app and other communications between Mandel and the participants in the workshops.

*See Practical Tips section for printing instructions.  

You will find a variety of documents here that you will use when delivering TEP, including pre-workshop communications with participants, participant materials, and trainer slide decks.

Ignore the Timeline that is included (your master trainer will explain what it is used for) and download and save the slide decks to your computer. 

Download and save to your computer.

This zip file contains the documentation that participants can download after completing the Mandel electronic survey.