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Strengthen Leadership Communication Skills

The ability of your executives to effectively lead depends on how well they can communicate.

Are your executives exceptional communicators?

How well do your leaders...

  • Project their passion? 
  • Demonstrate their knowledge? 
  • Articulate their goals? 
  • Defend their position? 
  • Persuade others to their vision?

Poor Communication Can Be Costly
Poorly worded messages, speeches, and presentations can cause confusion.

Likewise, delivery of a message can miss the mark—with executives failing to display the executive presence needed to win the confidence and trust of listeners.

Damage compounds when, both, WHAT you say and HOW you say it fall short.  

Few executives have mastered both.

Extraordinary Leadership Communication Skills 
Mandel has 30+ years of experience coaching executives at Fortune 1000 companies. We've seen first-hand how leaders who communicate extraordinarily well impact those around them.

We can help you build the skills needed to win the trust, confidence, and commitment of your key audiences:
  • Employees who need to feel engaged and empowered
  • Investors who need to feel confident in your vision, strategy, and decision-making
  • Customers who need to trust that your organization will deliver on its promises
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Who Is a Candidate for Executive Coaching?
Executive Coaching is designed to enhance any leader's ability to communicate well—to think through, organize, and present information clearly, credibly, and persuasively to internal and external audiences.

  • Executives whose success depends on communicating uncommonly well
  • Executives who want to improve their communication skills in minimal time
  • Executives preparing for specific high-stakes presentation events (e.g., keynote, shareholder/investor conference call, media interview, etc.)


Rapid Skill Improvement 
While working with Mandel coaches, executives quickly learn how to:  

  • Organize content to maximize interest and understanding
  • Be clear and concise in spoken communications
  • Build trust and credibility using non-verbal communication skills
  • Use visual aids and storytelling to increase audience engagement
  • Interact authentically with audience members
  • Deal constructively with challenging questions
  • Tailor content and delivery for different audiences
  • Influence listeners to gain their commitment and buy-in


Highly Individualized Approach
Mandel’s intense 1-on-1 Executive Coaching is designed to help leaders effectively conceptualize, organize, and present strategic and tactical information.

  • Tailored to individual needs and goals
  • Learn-by-doing exercises
  • Videotaped practice sessions 
  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses
  • Expert in-the-moment feedback from only the most senior Mandel coaches
  • Executive Coaching takes place in 1/2-day sessions
  • Number of sessions varies by baseline skills and improvement goals


Are Your Executives Ready?
Mandel has a proven track record of working with executives at many of the most beloved and world-renowned companies to strengthen their leadership communication skills.

Are you ready?

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The Mandel Difference

  • Face-to-face, virtual, and blended training and coaching programs
  • Measurable results
  • Trusted by Fortune 500 companies
  • Handcrafted to match your business goals
  • Best-in-industry executive coaches and trainers
  • Globally delivered, localized by audience
  • Proven instructional design and training methods

Mandel, your choice for executive presentation skills training.