Why Mandel

Effective Training That Gets Results

Because most communication problems are thinking problems.

Biggest Challenges Businesses Face Today?

  • Lack of innovation and growth
  • Getting and keeping customers
  • Developing and retaining talent
  • Achieving operational excellence

Many don’t realize how better communication can help.

Those that do, make the mistake of framing their communication skills problem as “presentation skills” problem. 

Why Soft Skills Training Often Fails

No wonder executives grow frustrated when soft skills training investments fail to deliver results.

Because most communication problems are thinking problems.

That makes investing in presentation skills training—without also investing in critical thinking skills—a waste of your time and money.

Critical Thinking Tools & Techniques
Mandel has embedded powerful critical thinking tools and techniques into all of its workshops.

When your thinking is rock solid, you can speak with presence and impact.

Mandel tools are designed to help you THINK WELL and THINK FAST—to deeply, yet quickly, think through a sound and persuasive rationale for what you want to say and why.

Because if you can't think well, you can't speak well. We can help build the skills to do both.

Effective Communication Skills Training & Coaching

Trust Mandel to build the THINKING and SPEAKING skills vital to business success.

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