Communication Skills Workshops

Think and Speak for Results™ Presentation, Influence, and Collaboration Skills Training

Mandel’s communication skills workshops build high-performing talent who know how to think critically and speak credibly. People who can present ideas with conviction, influence others to support them, and collaborate effectively to turn those ideas into profitable products and relationships. In writing. In person. And online.

The Extraordinary PresenterTM
Develop critical thinking and professional presentation skills to be able to create and deliver presentations that are logically strong, contextually relevant, emotionally appealing, and easily understood. Speak straight to the heads and hearts of listeners and make your ideas stand out.

The Influential ConversationTM
Develop the executive presence, conversation skills, and influence to rapidly gain the buy-in of even the most skeptical stakeholders, decision-shy sales prospects, and distracted colleagues.

Lead Without AuthorityTM
Develop the leadership and collaboration skills needed to increase engagement and productivity among team members. Influence others over whom you have no formal authority to brilliantly execute new projects, initiatives, and strategies.

The Breakthrough Communicator™ ONLINE
This is online communications training built to engage 1000+ professionals anywhere, anytime, on any device. It's personalized, gamified, hands-on, and social. Develop your talent all over the world to think critically and present credibly with this high-impact, semi-synchronous, state-of-the-art training.

Public Workshops
It can feel a risky to roll out a new training program across your entire organization. Professionals considering Mandel as a training and development partner are invited to preview The Extraordinary Presenter at no cost.