Job Aid Driven Reinforcement

How Skills Become Habit 

What happens after training has a substantial impact on skills transfer.

Skills either stick or evaporate into thin air.

Reinforcement is critical. That’s why Mandel provides a range of tools to support clients in their efforts to nurture newly acquired skills.

Mandel Reinforcement Tools and Services

According to our clients’ budgets, timetables and preferences, Mandel offers the following reinforcement tools and services:

  • Action Planning Sessions (practical plan for applying new skills on the job)
  • Manager Evaluation Programs (support to assess/coach employees on use of new skills)
  • Individual Job Aids (electronic and paper)
  • Post-workshop Self-assessments, Quizzes, Reminder Emails
  • Follow-up Workshops and Practice Sessions (face-to-face and/or virtual)
  • Self-development Planning
  • Hosted Discussion Forums
  • Dynamic Learning Tools (blogs, whitepapers, videos, testimonials)
  • One-on-one and Group Follow-up Coaching

To learn more about the importance of reinforcement or any of the Mandel tools and services listed above, please contact us.