Communication Skills Training to Drive Workplace Performance
Build Effective Communication & Executive Presence Skills Across Your Organization

  • Presentation Skills
    Learn how to organize your thoughts and present ideas in ways that improve decision-making speed and quality for your organization. Help others make better decisions faster!

  • Influencing Skills
    Learn how to be more persuasive and influential in your conversations and interactions with skeptical stakeholders, colleagues, and customers. Gain their buy-in and sustain their commitment.

  • Collaboration Skills
    Learn how to build and how to manage high-performing teams over whom you have no formal authority. Develop the leadership collaboration skills needed to get the job done and do it well.

Build Critical Thinking, Presentation, Influence & Collaboration Skills
Think and Speak for Results Training Series™

Build Communication Skills Vital to Success

Our workshops build high-performing talent who know how to think critically and speak credibly. People who can present ideas with conviction, influence others to support them, and collaborate effectively to turn those ideas into profitable products and relationships.

  • Backed by brain science & 30-plus years of research
  • Hands-on training that’s relevant to your business
  • Expert feedback from master coaches and trainers
  • Structured critical thinking & storytelling tools
  • Proven implementation at Global 1000 corporations

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The Breakthrough Communicator! NEW

Online, Self-Paced Communication Skills Course
Dispersed global teams? Unpredictable schedules? No problem!

  • Train 1000s of employees at once!
  • Self-paced, bite-sized lessons for busy professionals
  • Social and gamified to engage modern learner
  • Experiential and expert-facilitated to drive behavior change
  • Structured messaging tool (SCIPAB®) makes it memorable

Build critical thinking and speaking skills anywhere, anytime, on any device. Mandel Training is now online, on-demand, and built to scale.

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Don't Let Good Ideas Get Lost in Presentation
November 30, 2017 - 10:00am to 10:30am Pacific
A business’s ongoing success relies on the ongoing quality of its people’s IDEAS. Yet all too often… the best IDEAS are lost because they are poorly communicated. No matter how innovative, they fail to be noticed above all the noise and busy activities inside every business. Even worse, great IDEAS often lose to lesser ideas, better presented. And when great IDEAS fail to transform into value adding INNOVATION, nobody wins – Not you, your career, nor your organization. So what can you do that will significantly increase the odds of your ideas being heard and adopted?

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Redefine the User Experience for Your Employees and Customers
Nov 9, 2017

Imagine this scenario. You’re at home and you want to learn something. What do you do? Watch a video on YouTube, Google it, find directions on Waze, ask Alexa, get the news on Twitter. As consumers, we’ve been conditioned to expect a certain experience. So why is it that our experience at work is so vastly different? This week, Mandel Executive Director Kate Day writes about how technology has forever changed learner expectations and what the implications are for businesses. She also has some “from-the-trenches” advice on how learning and development organizations can seize this moment as an opportunity to reimagine the user experience for your employees and, in turn, your customers. 

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How to Present Your Idea
40%—that’s how much more effective you’ll be at conveying an idea if you present it using a structure, according to industry research.

Discover Mandel’s proven framework for communicating memorable ideas quickly. Use it to get your best ideas heard.

  • Improve Innovation
  • Accelerate Selling
  • Increase productivity

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