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Training Methodology

Effective Skill Development

Making Skills Stick

Our training methodology drives effective skill development and retention.

  • New skills strengthen and grow in value through active use over time
  • New skills become habits

How We Promote Skill Transfer and Retention

  • Pre-work to improve training relevancy
  • Simulations of on-the-job experiences and situations
  • Storytelling frameworks and communication tools to craft content 
  • Extensive practice of new skills with peers and coaches
  • Expert feedback from Mandel trainers and coaches
  • Reinforcement tools to practice, extend learning, and ensure skills stick

Pre-Program Preparation
Because adults are more likely to internalize and apply new skills if they’ve played a part in shaping their own learning, Mandel asks participants to contribute by:

  • Selecting an upcoming presentation or conversation to focus on during the workshop itself
  • Playing a direct role in putting into action a plan for using new skills on the job

In-Program Participation
In-program tools and exercises have proven to promote the transfer and retention of new skills.

  • Frameworks and tools (e.g., The Mandel BLUEPRINT®, SCIPAB®) make content easy to plan and remember and make communicating complex topics and data more manageable.
  • Structured learn-by-doing practice simulations help participants retain skills better than if they’d only read or heard about them
  • Expert, individualized, in-the-moment coaching helps participants reflect on their performance and improve it
  • Video-recorded playback allows participants to see themselves as others see them and then develop their own personal strategies for improvement
  • Peer assessment and feedback is critical to interpersonal skills transfer 

Post-Program Reinforcement
Because newly acquired skills are fragile, Mandel provides post-training reinforcement and performance support tools, like our Mobile Coaching App

Make Learning Stick For Your Organization
Learn more about Mandel's reinforcement tools or talk to us about designing a custom training solution for your organization.


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