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Mom Was Right: Why Good Posture Matters

August 28    |    Steve Mandel

Whether you're presenting standing up or sitting down (in a live meeting or presenting virtually), good posture is important. 
We all remember our mother’s admonitions, “Sit up straight” or “Don’t slouch.”  It turns out that mom was right, especially when we communicate with others!

Posture is one of the first things people notice about you.

Posture says a lot about you. It conveys self-confidence and pride-or, if you're slumping, a lack of any self-confidence at all.  Your posture, especially when sitting down, can affect your voice. Poor posture compresses the diaphragm and limits the amount of air and vocal energy you can project.

Use posture to present a better image to others and communicate more effectively in different situations.

When sitting down, presenting virtually or in person...
Try sitting down and then bending over as if tying your shoes. Now, try breathing while doing it. It doesn’t work very well. When sitting down, sit up straight but comfortably. Don’t let yourself slouch. 

Slide yourself all the way back into the chair, so you can feel the lumbar support against the small of your back in the lower part of the chair. This will help keep your spine straight.

Finally, slide the chair as close into the table or desk as possible. Ideally, you should be able to rest your arms on the table or desk.

When delivering stand-up presentations...
When standing up for a presentation, good posture involves both the upper and lower body. In terms of your upper body, leep your arms relaxed, gesture freely, and don't hunch over with your arms or hands clasped. 

For the lower body, keep your weight evenly distributed on your feet. Avoid standing with your feet or ankles crossed.

Doing these things will improve your posture, allowing you to feel more comfortable and better project vocal energy and confidence during your presentations.


Interested in mastering a balanced posture to increase confidence?  Contact us to learn more about The Composure and Energy Pyramid.


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