Eight Must-Reads for Corporate Learning and Development

Over the past couple of months, a number of recent articles and podcasts have caught my attention and challenged my point of view for the better. Here are my top selections about culture, innovation, and the future of hybrid workplaces.

Learning Expert Elliott Masie on Creating a Skills-Driven Workforce for the Future

If you haven’t had a chance to see Elliott Masie speak, then I can recommend this short 6-minute video segment. It’s a quick way to get inspired about skills development, onboarding, and data-driven learning design. “The future is a canvas…for us to be innovative in the talent and learning field. We’re in the midst of an amazing innovation stage.”

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Josh Bersin: What’s really going on with the economy

All eyes are on the latest jobs report and the economy. Josh Bersin offers intriguing commentary about the economic downturn. I found it worthwhile to read his take on systemic HR solutions, the rising role of human capital in the economy, and the constructive redefinition of industries.

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Culture Renovation: How to Build an Unshakeable Company

I’m fascinated by culture. Why do so many efforts to instill a corporate culture fail? And is there a remedy? Tune into this podcast for actionable advice as Kevin Oakes, founder and CEO of i4cp, shares stories and tips from his book, “Culture Renovation – 18 Leadership Actions To Build An Unshakeable Company.”

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Performance Management for Hybrid Work

Culture comes up for our clients again and again; companies want their people to have a sense of belonging, even when working remotely. It’s no wonder that culture is one of the 3Cs of performance management in the Red Thread Research’s 2022 report. We couldn’t agree more that Culture, Capability of Managers, and Connection are the levers that drive business performance, among other outcomes. Check out the quick summary. If you’re a member like me, you’ll get the full report.

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How to Lead in a Hybrid Environment

McKinsey has identified four steps to effective management and leadership in the new hybrid workforce. Yes, many companies are giving their people greater freedom and flexibility, but that comes at a cost – decreased cohesiveness, collaboration, communication, and comradery of the office.

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Adventures in Hybrid Work: From Human To Social Capital, w/Michael Arena, formerly AWS & GM

In this podcast, RedThread Research’s Dani Johnson and Stacia Garr team up with Chris Pirie of The Learning Futures Group to interview talent and development expert Michael Arena. The discussion between these four smart leaders is a worthwhile way to spend an hour. Click to tune into the concepts of bridging and bonding social capital; get Michael’s perspective on teams taking on the proxy role of leaders; and consider what leadership capabilities can rebuild organizational resilience in what has been called the age of hybridity.

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The Talent Imperative Executive Brief

Check out the executive brief from The Talent Imperative, i4cp’s global study with Fortune. This large-scale study is replete with data and insights, of course, but what resonated with me is the prominence of culture. The study found that high-performance organizations are emphasizing their EVP (employee value proposition) more than compensation to attract, develop, and retain top talent. Talent leaders have turned their focus toward flexibility, inclusiveness, values and purpose in the workplace.

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Curb the Temptation

In case we’ve forgotten that employee engagement is personal, this ATD article serves as a good reminder. Managers can play a key role in retaining talent, especially through stay conversations. Take a look at these tips for training managers and leaders to ask questions, communicate with their people, and understand employees’ motivations long before they consider giving their two-weeks’ notice.

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Let me know the best things you’ve read or watched this summer. If you’d like to share your feedback on my list of must-reads, I’d love to hear it. Let’s communicate!

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