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Helping a sales organization be the envy of the technology world.

Datrium (now a VMware company), a leader in a data life-cycle management, needed core communication training for their rapidly growing sales force and a customized solution that would be applicable to their day-to-day business.

The company’s inside sales team is largely made up of young sales professionals or individuals who came to the organization from a completely different industry, and the company wanted to ensure they were messaging effectively to their target market. Steve Maxwell, Datrium’s Head of Field Development says:

“Having Mandel was a natural fit. After the training, we saw a noticeable improvement in the conversion rate of a contact to a meeting. I’ve had people on the sales force say specifically that it was because of this training that I got that meeting. I know it.”

In addition to Mandel's online sales training, Mandel's virtual communication skills training is available globally.

    Mandel helps Datrium (now a VMware company) transform the Communication Skills of its Sales Force
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Mandel is the global communication skills training company for organizations that believe in unleashing the power and potential of their employees. As proven experts in the science of communication in a complex world, we help companies around the world discover new ways to help their people think and speak more effectively, and make every communication count.
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