Discover an all-out and entirely digital learning and development experience designed to amp your employees’ communication skills. Whether for individuals in technical roles, HR, project management or any other department/discipline, our collaborative digital learning experiences help you upskill your workforce with essential communication skills — skills that help your organization stay competitive.

Custom design a digital training experience with us:

Drive engagement by delivering quality training to hundreds (or thousands), anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Rapidly deploy new strategic initiatives to unify your employees around new messaging, product lines, and organizational priorities.

Quickly launch large scale initiatives with our agile learning platform and blend your learning content with our proven messaging framework.

Onboard new talent and accelerate learning, while still providing engaging connection and collaboration.

Monitor and measure everyone’s completion rates to ensure broad adoption.

Training for today’s virtual work realities

Now, more and more organizations are operating with geographically distributed employee populations. This adds complexity when it comes to designing and deploying a training solution.

Well, problem solved. Mandel Communications offers a proven, self-guided digital experience that works equally well for any size business, from lean startups to global enterprises with thousands of employees.



  • Participants take part in a customized digital training experience to engage with their peers and the Mandel moderator anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • They hear directly from their leaders on the ‘why’ behind the training development and how it immediately impacts their day-to-day efforts in context of their own work
  • Participants apply the learning throughout the cohort, crafting real-world messaging connected directly to their own assignments
  • Cohort peers amplify the learning by sharing their messaging and providing two-way feedback, both co-creating and fine-tuning their messages
  • Participants engage in healthy competition, driven by gamification, points, and badges that result in high adoption
  • Learners gain insightful feedback and coaching by engaging with their peers and Mandel moderator via discussion boards
  • Leaders close the digital experience with specific calls-to-action and expectations for learners via personal video messages

Cheat sheets, quizzes and short videos help make content digestible and sticky

Peer feedback makes it experiential

Helps make content personally relevant an effective

Leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to provide instant feedback on speech clarity, filler words, pace, and vocal energy

Discussion boards and peer feedback helps make it social

Leaderboard and completion badges helps make it fun and engaging

Our training. Your design. Your outcomes.

Our agile design team will work with you to create an entirely customizable and ownable training engagement. We will upload videos from team leaders within YOUR organization. And we can apply your company’s branding across all our training materials. Ultimately, you’ll emerge with a proven digital communication training solution, experienced through the lens of your organization.

Partner with Mandel to design a digital training solution that:

Meets desired business outcomes
­Incorporates key internal messaging and content ­

Supports specific strategies and initiatives
­Features your logos, images, and stakeholder videos
­Maps milestones and implementation plans ­

Plots metrics and measurement strategy

**The length of the learning experience varies depending on the volume of learning content to be delivered.