The Influential Conversation™

Gain Buy-in of Skeptical Stakeholders and Distracted Customers

About This Program
The simple truth is, your company's ability to achieve its most important goals depends almost entirely on the ability of your people to engage in influential conversations.

Participants in this workshop develop the interaction, influence, and conversation skills to rapidly gain and sustain the buy-in of even the most skeptical stakeholders and decision-shy customers.

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Face-to-Face with Instructor; Max 24 Participants
1-day, 2-day Options

Why This Program
Poor conversations lead to poor business performance.

If you think about it, most sales problems—long buying cycles, missed quotas, small deal sizes, and lost deals—aren’t due to poor methodology. They’re due to a conversation skills problem.

The same is true for innovation. Development of great ideas—new products, processes, partnerships—grinds to a halt when employees can’t influence others to buy into those ideas.

Unresolved performance problems, too, are not typically due to defiance or incompetence. They persist when managers fail to win employee buy-in on the problem (and solution) to begin with.

Learn To

Learn how to think through the business problem, opportunity, and/or topic you're preparing to discuss. Define and articulate its important to the individual(s) you need to influence. Then, learn how to organize the conversation in a proven storyboard framework. And discover how to use strategic inquiry (questioning) to reach a clear, mutual, and actionable commitment.

During the workshop, practice vital conversation and questioning skills:

  • Audience mindset assessments and analysis
  • Collaborative messaging
  • Linking
  • Questioning
  • Summarizing to move forward
  • Advocating for action
  • Gaining commitment
  • Defining next steps

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  • Influence collaboratively to reach consensus and agreement faster
  • Demonstrate executive presence to earn credibility and trust
  • Use inquiry to discovery and align with your listeners
  • Handle objections and pushback to mitigate risk and persuade listeners to buy in or commit to your ideas
  • Sustain commitment of others to ideas, projects, products, and partnerships

Mandel Tools
  • The Mandel Blueprint® 
  • 4-Step Conversation Cycle
  • 3 video recorded and coached exercises
  • One-to-one coaching by a Mandel facilitator
  • Real-world simulation and on-the-job application
Instructional Approach
  • Learn-by-doing application
  • Multi-skill integrated learning
  • Video recorded exercises
  • Highly interactive simulations
  • Structured individual coaching