The Breakthrough Communicator™ Online

Online Communication Skills Training for Large Groups

Breakthrough Communicator Screen Shots

High-Impact, On-Demand Online Learning 
World-Class, Cohort-Driven Communication Skills Training 

Train employees at all levels to organize their thoughts, present with credibility, influence decision-making and get results when communicating.

  • Train 1000+ employees, managers, or executives at once 
  • Access it anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Organize cohorts by team, role, function, geography
  • Make it engaging, social, gamified, and fun
  • Give your entire organization a memorable framework for organizing their thoughts and presenting their ideas

Benefits of The Breakthrough Communicator 
  • Personalized 
  • Cohort-driven
  • Expert-facilitated
  • Social 
  • Memorable
  • Relevant
  • Effective

What Customers Say

"If you're trying to convey your point, trying to sell your point of view — whatever that may be — using the Mandel framework is just a really effective way to open and close any discussion. And with respect to the opening, what I'm finding is that when I open with Mandel, I get customers leaning in. I get my audience leaning in. You get their attention."  

  —Brian Falvey, Director, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

Instructional Design Approach

  • Bite-sized, just-in-time content make it digestible and sticky, e.g., cheat sheets, quizzes, short videos  
  • Expert coaching and feedback make it personally relevant and effective
  • Cohort-driven approach makes it social, e.g., discussion boards, peer feedback
  • Gamification makes it fun and engaging, e.g., leaderboard, completion badges
  • Learner-contributed content and peer feedback makes it experiential 
  • Integration with cutting-edge Orai app provides instant feedback on speech clarity, filler words, pace, and vocal energy

Who Is This For?

  • Businesses that need to improve workforce communication skills 
  • Organizations that want to improve everyday meetings, conversations, and emails 
  • Product teams who want to innovate faster by gaining support for their ideas
  • Technical teams who have to make complex info or data tell a story
  • Global project teams who want to improve results through better collaboration 
  • Sales forces that need to influence faster decision-making 
  • Marketing and brand teams who need to create persuasive messaging

Develop Talent Anywhere, Anytime

Improve business results by building powerful presentation, influence, and collaboration skills — faster and at scale.

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