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3 Simple Tips for Succeeding in Virtual Meetings

May 06    |    Heather Muir

As you and your teams navigate working remotely, we’re publishing tips and best practices for leading virtual meetings, presenting virtually and team collaboration when working remotely.

For this week’s tips, here are 3 best practices for improving virtual meeting experiences:

1) Adjust your camera to eye level.You want to make eye contact throughout your meeting – if your camera is below or above eye level, it can be distracting to participants. By adjusting your camera to eye level, and looking into the camera, your audience will feel like you’re talking to them.

2) Be yourself on video.Your genuine and authentic personality can transform a meeting helping everyone relax, connect and treat the meeting like they would if it were face to face.

3) Use your platform tools. Chat, polling, breakouts, annotation options, and video are critical tools you can use to encourage interaction. Mixing up the tools allows individuals to express themselves in different ways – catering to their communication preferences. It can also make a meeting more fun – which is especially important in reoccurring meetings.

Look for our next batch of best practices for leading virtual meetings, presenting virtually and collaborating on virtual teams next week, and we invite you to share these tips for working remotely with your teams and colleagues.

If you have a virtual communication topic that you would like for us to address in a tip, let us know; we’re here to help.

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