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3 Tips for Encouraging Collaboration in Your Virtual Meetings

As you and your teams navigate working remotely, we’re publishing tips and best practices for leading virtual meetings, presenting virtually and promoting remote team collaboration.

For this week’s tips, here are 3 best practices for encouraging collaboration in your virtual meetings:

  1. Enable the Platform Features You Need.
    Decide what features you’ll need and make sure they’re available and enabled before you start your meeting. For example, do you want the group to annotate freely, complete polls, share content, or go into breakouts?  You can set these preferences when you schedule your meeting.Keep in mind that if you schedule an instant meeting, these preferences may be pre-set – you’ll want to check them before you start the session.
  2. Craft an Informative Invite.
    Your meeting invite sets the tone.  If you invest the time to set an agenda and provide preparatory information, your participants are more likely to participate and collaborate.  Virtual meetings need structure – provide it from minute one.
  3. Know Your Platform.
    Your ease in the platform encourages participation and team collaboration.  Every platform has its own features and functionality. WebEx, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Adobe, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, etc., all have short videos providing functionality summaries.
    Regardless of the platform you select, your confidence with the delivery environment will encourage team collaboration.

Look for our next batch of best practices for leading virtual meetings, presenting virtually and collaborating on virtual teams next week, and we invite you to share these tips for working remotely with your teams and colleagues.

If you have a virtual communication topic that you would like for us to address in a tip, let us know; we’re here to help.

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