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6 Essential Sales Communication Skills

March 20    |    Greg Madsen

Last week, I wrote about what successful sales conversations have in common. For any customer conversation to be productive, your customers must understand what you're saying, see the value in what you have to offer, and trust you.  

How do you convey value, build trust, and persuade customers to buy?In my experience working with sales organizations, the first 80% of the sales process—marketing, product training and sales enablement efforts—is critical.

But, it's the last 20%—how you communicate in front of the customer—that more often makes or breaks your success.

How confident are you in your sales team's ability to perform when their moments arrive—when they get in front of the customer? Knowing what to say and how to say it takes real skill. And, building the necessary skills demands preparation and practice. 

Master six Moment of Truth Readiness™ communication skills needed to sell effectively.By helping your salespeople master the following six Moment of Truth Readiness skills, you can ensure that they're game-time ready and prepared for any interaction—virtual or face-to-face—with today’s buyers.

You need be able to quickly create a customer-centric message that demonstrates you understand a customer's situation and challenges.

You should be able to articulate a concise, memorable story that demonstrates your product's or service's value, and which the customer finds intriguing, relevant, and entertaining.

It's critical that you're able to create and sustain a dialogue, where the customer walks away from the interaction feeling valued, listened to, and cared about.

Executive Presence
In order to be perceived as credible and worthy of a buyer's time, you should possess the ability to remain poised, convey passion, and demonstrate expertise in challenging or high-stakes situations.

When presenting, your goal is to deliver a presentation that ultimately leaves the customer in a frame of mind to want to do something different. To want to take the next step with you.

You need to be able to engage customers in a dialogue that makes them want to continue discussing their business challenges with you, because they believe you'll add value and help them to be successful.

Do you really know what happens when your salespeople get in front of the customer? If you're a sales leader, challenge yourself and examine how you’re investing your time and money to ready your sales force. 

If the investments you're making in your organization aren’t bearing the ripe, juicy fruit you expect, it’s possible that members of your sales team may not be as prepared for their moments of truth as they could be. 

To discuss your sales challenges and how Mandel can help, call us at 1.831.475.8202 or browse our Sales Readiness Training Programs. I also welcome your questions, so feel free to drop me a line at

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