Greg Madsen

Greg Madsen is Principal & Vice President, responsible for Mandel’s global business development efforts and ensuring total customer satisfaction. He has expertise in innovative marketing and sales enablement practices, executive coaching, high potential leadership development, and strategy execution. Greg has held senior positions at Cybersource Corporation (acquired by Visa 2010), Catalyst Consulting, and Interaction Associates. He lectures regularly at Stanford University and is a featured speaker for client groups and conferences. Personally, Greg loves the outdoors and epic adventuring!

Recent Posts
March 20, 2014
Help your sales professionals master these six Moment of Truth Readiness Communication Skills needed to ensure that they're game-time ready and prepared for any interaction—virtual or face-to-face—with today’s buyers.
March 13, 2014
For an interaction with a customer to be productive, three things must happen: (1) Customers must understand what you’re saying. (2) Customers must see the value in what you’re offering to them. (3) Customers must trust you, the person in the room speaking directly to them. Ensuring these three things happen takes more effort than you might expect—but the payoff is worth it.