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Sustaining Your Training Strategies During Covid-19 Outbreak

March 04    |    Heather Muir

The scope of the Coronavirus outbreak is changing rapidly, and the way organizations manage their training initiatives is changing just as quickly in response.

Mandel is prepared for times like these and we're here to help.
We know organizations are putting significant thought into business continuity plans, and we’re standing-by to help our clients with the execution of these plans.

Travel restrictions and remote work policies can pose significant challenges.

New travel restrictions and adjustments to employee remote work policies will likely affect company activities. Whether impacted plans include sales and technical team events, training workshops, face-to-face meetings, or employee learning & development experiences, we’re here to help.

Mandel can help organizations flip training strategies to virtual and online deliveries.
Whether companies have traditional training strategies to deploy or are planning a sales or user conference, a technical talent event, or a new hire program, Mandel has solutions designed to be delivered in virtual and online environments.

We are prepared to ‘flip’ any standard Mandel Presentation, Conversation, or Collaboration workshop from face-to-face to a virtual experience. We can also work with you to adapt any training strategy to virtual or online options using Mandel resources or those of our many partners.

To schedule a conversation with a Mandel team member around which of our online or virtual solutions might best suit your current needs, please reach out to me personally. You can reach me here:

Heather Muir –
Phone: 707-769-1681

 It would be our privilege to be a proactive partner with you.

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