What Every Businessperson Can Learn from an Entrepreneur

September 11, 2014    |    Brad Holst

I recently spoke to a roomful of startup executives from every corner of the planet at the Social Capital Markets Conference (SOCAP) in San Francisco.

SOCAP is dedicated to increasing the flow of capital toward social good. To put it in their own words, they “actively seek out opportunities to accelerate the market at the intersection of money and meaning.”

The audience of about 200 social entrepreneurs I spoke to at the invitation-only session were all deeply committed to the success of their businesses. They knew that their nascent enterprises would live or die based on their ability to quickly tell their stories in a unique and compelling way to potential investors, customers, and other key stakeholders. I was asked to be there to show them how to do just that, using Mandel Communications’ Personal Communication Framework (SCIPAB®).

I walked away impressed with their curiosity and how intelligently and enthusiastically they applied the framework I shared. Then it struck me: Entrepreneurs intuitively (or by necessity!) understand something that it takes many professionals decades to recognize:

Communicate like your livelihood depends on it.

To boost your personal career success, as well as the accomplishments of your organization, present your ideas and recommendations like your job hangs in the balance. How do you do this?

Start by prioritizing the energy, time, and training it takes to create and tell a compelling story. Like the startup executives at SOCAP, you may need to invest in sharpening your communications skills.  But, putting that kind of focused effort into your preparation will give you and your ideas the winning edge.


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