Training Industry article – Are You Leveraging the Power of Business Value Stories?

Salespeople must be able to craft compelling, differentiated and customer-centric business value stories that connect with their listeners and stick with them.

What makes business value stories different? They build and grow with explicit input from the customer themselves. The listener shares the narrative spotlight and focuses on what matters most to them.

Picture of Suzanne McLarnon

Suzanne McLarnon

Suzanne, founder and principal the McLarnon Group, is a strategic thinker and leader who creates highly effective learning solutions to complex business problems. She and her teams have won 20 industry awards for enablement programs for Sales, Technical Professionals, Leaders, and New Hire audiences. Suzanne has global industry experience as AVP of Workforce Development at MetLife. She also served as the Director of Worldwide Sales Development at Cisco. Recognized as an “intrepreneur," Suzanne has created ten global programs and teams in response to business challenges. Adept at working across cultures, Suzanne thrives in high technology and startup environments. You can reach Suzanne by emailing
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