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Suzanne McLarnon, The McLarnon Group

Suzanne, founder and principal the McLarnon Group, is a strategic thinker and leader who creates highly effective learning solutions to complex business problems. She and her teams have won 20 industry awards for enablement programs for Sales, Technical Professionals, Leaders, and New Hire audiences.

Suzanne has global industry experience as AVP of Workforce Development at MetLife. She also served as the Director of Worldwide Sales Development at Cisco. Recognized as an “intrepreneur," Suzanne has created ten global programs and teams in response to business challenges. Adept at working across cultures, Suzanne thrives in high technology and startup environments. You can reach Suzanne by emailing

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March 28

Digital Transformation (Dx) has made working in IT more challenging than ever. The biggest barrier to Dx success? Culture and collaboration, according to 50% of companies surveyed by Appian. A further 27% say lack of collaboration between IT and LOB is the top roadblock.

What prevents effective collaboration? Ineffective communication. Read this week's blog and learn why "soft" skills have become a critical success factor for IT professionals everywhere.

December 13
Do salespeople and technologists communicate differently? Is one group better at presenting than the other? Can the two ever agree on how to present or what info to share? Corporate Workforce Development expert, high-tech industry veteran, and former Mandel client Suzanne McLarnon shares the secret behind developing both sales and technical professionals into superb communicators.
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