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NEW! Communications Training Online Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

October 05    |    Heather Muir

SCIPAB® Communication Framework Now Available in a Web-based, Just-in-time Format

Finally, it's here! Introducing The Breakthrough Communicator™ ONLINE

Rolling out live training to thousands of professionals at once can be a challenge. Unpredictable schedules. Different locations. On-the-job demands. Fieldwork.

Until now, Mandel’s Think and Speak for Results™ presentation training has been limited to live delivery, either in-person or virtual. Clients have been asking, “When are you going to make it available digitally on-demand?”

We knew we had to do it—without sacrificing the quality of the training or the integrity of our hands-on, personalized approach. But the technology and tools simply didn’t exist.

Until now, that is!

Today, I’m thrilled to tell you about The Breakthrough Communicator ONLINE.

High-Impact, On-Demand, Semi-Synchronous Communications Training

What makes The Breakthrough Communicator ONLINE so powerful? 

  • Train 1,000+ participants at once in cohorts around the world
  • Deploy the SCIPAB communication framework across your entire organization
  • Achieve high engagement with state-of-the-art technology and tools
  • Receive personalized coaching and feedback to make it relevant and hands-on
  • Cohort-driven to make it social, e.g., discussion boards, peer feedback
  • Gamification to increase engagement, e.g., leaderboard, completion badges
  • Bite-sized, just-in-time content to make it digestible, e.g., cheat sheets, quizzes, videos, tools
  • Learner-contributed videos and content to make it experiential and produce lasting behavior change

Prepare more of your people to think critically and speak effectively.

Mandel’s mission is to help companies build talent who can promote their ideas with impact and improve business results through stronger presentation, influence, and collaboration skills.

The Breakthrough Communicator ONLINE is designed to help our clients do that — faster and at scale.

I’m excited to share this new offering with you. 

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Global sales forces? Large-scale project teams? Your entire organization? Build high-performing talent who know how to present ideas with conviction, influence others to support them, and collaborate effectively to turn those ideas into profitable products and relationships. Interested? Let's talk. Schedule a free consultation.  


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