Why Isn’t Anyone Listening to Me?

“Companies with highly effective internal communication strategies are 3.5 times more likely to outperform their industry peers than organizations that do not effectively communicate internally.”

– Willis Towers Watson ROI study

If your people can’t communicate well internally, imagine the impact on every other type of interaction, including prospects and clients.

Do you recognize any of these common scenarios within your organization?

  • A prospect doesn’t understand the value, so chooses on price only
  • An analyst has terrific cost-saving ideas, but can’t get anyone to hear it
  • An executive needs two weeks and seven emails to solve a problem that should’ve required only a fraction of that time
  • A customer-facing team member inadvertently creates confusion jeopardizing future sales

Every one of these scenarios is occurring to some degree at every company every day. You’ve seen it, you’ve experienced the impact.

And the result is: every task is harder, takes longer and costs more.

It’s a completely unnecessary organizational tax.

Let’s go back to the original question: why isn’t anyone listening to me?

Simple answer: You haven’t given them a reason to listen to you.

Every person you talk to has a million things on their plate and another million things on their mind. If your message can’t break through that noise, and do it fast, you have no chance.

Your important message is now only important to you.

Right now you might be saying to yourself, this sounds too easy. You’re right, it is easy.

Surprisingly there’s a very simple answer to a huge problem.

But if it’s so simple, why isn’t it happening?

It all goes back to the original quote, “…highly effective internal communication strategies…”

The key word is strategy. A strategic approach to building messages includes a framework that ensures every message gives the listener a reason to listen.

This doesn’t happen by accident. Or organically. Most people mistakenly believe that the listener should already know why their message is important.

But most organizations don’t attack the problem aggressively. It’s folded into optional “soft skills” training.

As a result, we all suffer the overhead of poor communication.

Think about the impact to your organization if every team member knew how to build messages that started by first giving the audience a reason to listen. Every email, every meeting, every chat with the manager, every customer interaction would be set up for success.

Mandel offers a simple and repeatable framework for creating messages. All types of messages: presentations, emails, meeting invites, quick chats with your manager, customer calls, etc.

We train thousands at one time with our digital solution or provide small group instruction via virtual workshops and coaching.

To learn more about the Mandel Blueprint® and SCIPAB®, and how they can transform your people into remarkable communicator, let’s connect.

Michael Albert

Michael Albert

Michael Albert joined Mandel in 2007 following a 25-year career in enterprise technology sales at Oracle and Seibel. He is a senior level Executive Coach, Trainer and works with Mandel clients on a wide variety of projects, to include when clients need their sales teams to better articulate their differentiators – their value story. Outside of Mandel, Michael has a long and rich storytelling background. Among his projects is a film he wrote and directed which premiered at the D.C. International Film Festival.
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