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Technical Organizations

Tailored Virtual Communications Training for Technical Teams
Less technical speak. More effective communication.
Technology touches every facet of every organization. Innovation and digital transformation are urgent business imperatives, critical to business success. Technical audiences who in the past quietly worked away in their offices, now must take an active role of interfacing with internal and external customers and help drive mission critical business results.

Communication that lacks clarity or relevance arrests growth, productivity and innovation. If technical professionals become mired in detail, decision makers lose focus. Projects are stalled. Opportunities are lost.

We transform technical pros into communication experts.
Each participant in our workshops learn to distill highly technical information and communicate so decision makers understand their proposal, see the value in their recommendation, and trust them to deliver on it. Enhancing a person’s presentation, conversation and collaboration skills, ultimately, drives better business decisions faster.

We teach technical audiences how to frame an idea, present it simply, and influence the right stakeholders or decision makers.

Workshop participants learns how to:

  • Create value and instill trust
  • Convey ideas that are understood, adopted and implemented
  • Collaborate toward a unified goal
  • Demonstrate alignment to CEO objectives
  • Gain executive support and funding for internal IT projects
  • Maximize meeting efficiency
  • Drive clear and tangible results
  • Turn technical discussions into high value business conversations
  • Earn a seat at the table and become trusted advisors
  • Data Analytic Professionals
  • Developers & DevOps
  • Digital Marketing Professionals
  • Information Technologists
  • Cloud Computing Engineers
  • Computer Network Specialists
  • Product Managers
  • Infrastructure Architectures
  • IT Security Professionals
  • IT Support Specialists
  • Network Engineers & Administrators
  • Project Management Professionals (PMP)
  • Software or Application Engineers
  • Technical Briefing Professionals
  • UX Designers
Keith Allman, CEO at Masco Corporation, wanted to “transform how we communicate with our customers, with Wall Street and with each other.” Interested in how his partnership with Mandel improved equity performance, amplified investor and analyst confidence and ignited organizational culture?
"What we got from Mandel was so extraordinary, it’s almost hard to quantify the return on investment - 100% of our projects got approved post training and we accelerated our time to market.”
-Executive Director, Global Sourcing Operations, Global Manufacturing Company with 28K Employees
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About Mandel
Mandel is the global communication skills training company for organizations that believe in unleashing the power and potential of their employees. As proven experts in the science of communication in a complex world, we help companies around the world discover new ways to help their people think and speak more effectively, and make every communication count.
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