Mandel launches a new brand identity and logo

CAPITOLA, CA — (January 10, 2019) – Mandel, the global leader in communication skills training, is proud to unveil a new brand identity and logo.

The new brand richly reflects Mandel’s never-ending commitment to innovation as the way to advance the art and science of training effectiveness and results in organizations.

New logo and color palette

A prominent part of the new brand identity is Mandel’s new logo, which is energized by the major transformations achieved by Mandel’s corporate clients. Overall, the new brand identity utilizes a spectrum of vivid colors, which illustrates the depth, breadth and adaptability of the value Mandel offers to clients.  These colors demonstrate a wide range of modern hues to reflect the company’s openness to innovation and active early adoption of new methods of training.

New tagline

A cornerstone of the expansive brand is a new tagline: ‘Make every communication count.’ That phrase encapsulates the Mandel philosophy that, now more than ever, every moment of communication matters.  There often is no time to redo a missed or misunderstood communication. The tagline further fosters the true perception that Mandel is a catalyst for transformational learning experiences and corporate advancement.

“Our branding advances are not just esthetic. We’re thrilled to introduce a brand identity that foretells how Mandel can actualize communication skills into formidable competitive advantages for client organizations who want to thrive in this time-starved, short-attention-span world,” said Ed Musselwhite, CEO of Mandel.

As the global leader in science, data, and technology driven communication skills training, Mandel has positioned itself as the modern brand that revolutionizes how individuals and teams communicate productively and efficiently in and for their organizations.

What’s next?

We have already begun the process of redesigning and aligning our website and refreshing our workshop materials to ensure a flawless user experience and seamless brand experience.

About Mandel

Mandel is the global communication skills training company for organizations that believe in unleashing the power and potential of their employees — where the organization wants the contributions of people’s skillful daily thinking, conversations and presentations to make a measurable positive impact on individual careers and company success.

As proven experts in the science of communication in a complex world, Mandel helps companies around the world discover new ways to help their people present, influence and collaborate more effectively and make every communication count.

Available in 14 languages and across 75 countries, Mandel’s transformative skill-building approach is agile and easy to customize and deploy. With flexible, technology-driven delivery options, and proven customized content, Mandel is the recognized leader in anytime, anywhere communication skills training.

Mandel has empowered over 250,000 professionals worldwide to craft more persuasive narratives, present ideas clearly, gain executive presence and lead with confidence. Companies who’ve tapped into Mandel, include: Cisco, DellEMC, Dimensional Fund Advisors, Genworth, Hilti, HP Inc., Intel, Kraft Heinz, Masco and Microsoft.

To learn more about how Mandel partners with organizations to help their people gain confidence, think through business issues, clarify ideas, captivate listeners and create tangible results, contact us.

Brad Holst

Brad Holst

Brad is the Principal & Executive Director, Communication Strategy and Innovation, at Mandel. He has designed and implemented successful communication, training, and coaching solutions for a diverse cross-section of Mandel’s global clients, from start-ups to top names in the Fortune 50. He is the prime creator of the proprietary models and processes in Mandel’s winning suite of communication content-planning tools, including the Mandel Blueprint®. Brad is a consultant who gets results, an insightful coach, and a dynamic, engaging speaker. He offers a rare level of business acumen based on his prior leadership roles with three market-leading companies: The Walt Disney Company, The Clorox Company, and Armor All Products.
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